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Advanced P3 Advanced Gimbal Issue

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by jackhodgetts, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. jackhodgetts

    Oct 11, 2015
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    Hi, I recently had a small crash with a tree and now my gimbal is pointing to the right and will not go central! I've tried an imu calibration and multiple gimbal calibrations and nothing seems to sort it! The drone itself seems to still fly exactly the same just the the camera is off centre, any idea on what it could be?

  2. Mako79

    May 16, 2014
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    Sydney Australia
    Either the yaw motor D shaft is bent or the yaw arm is bent.
    You need to pull it apart and inspect. Try installing WITHOUT the bearing case.
  3. Dronason

    Aug 9, 2015
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    Is there visible damage at gimbal / camera ?

    When unit is powered off, can the camera move freely in any direction with the expected limits?

    If you put the camera on the other side before powering it on, does it go to the other position ?

    Is it just the position that is shifted an the camera move as it should when the plane move?

    You can check if the small screw at top of gimbal is loose (red circle).

    The gimbal arm can also been pushed and there is no more sufficient distance for free movement. You would need to loose the screw and tight it again.

    2016-08-06 14.29.12.jpg

    It can be also a defective flat cable or one of its connection is loose.

    Or worst the potentiometer or motor in the gimbal is defective which mean repair.
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