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Need Your Help With My Battery!

Discussion in 'Standard/4k Discussion' started by Prince, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Prince

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Hello everyone this is my first time posting on the forum but i have been lurking in the shadow and reading a lot of posts. So my problem is the battery that came with my Phantom Standard (the only one i have atm) is acting weird. I did watch a lot of youtube videos about battery maintenance before i even touched the Ps but after 10 flight or so (First 10 Flight i only took the drone battery down to 50%) my battery life is already 99% and i think one of my cells is going bad (Will warranty cover this?). I have included a HD link for you guys any help is appreciated! Thanks

    Edit: The battery is super hot also!

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  2. mdowney58

    Feb 15, 2016
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    Mountain City, TN
    I don't think 99% life after 10 uses is abnormal.
    The link you provided shows healthy cells, and 110 degree battery temp doesn't sound abnormal to me either.

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  3. mcphipps

    Dec 8, 2015
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    Wheatfield Indiana
    Welcome Prince.

    According to the Healthy Drones report on your power, it doesn't report that you have a bad cell. Actually it says it is normal. I think you are OK. There are lots of others here that know more than me and I am sure. So hang in there and don't get discouraged. Everyone is here to help.

    You have came to the right place for information. Enjoy your time here. Be sure to read all you can. There are tons of threads on just about any subject you can think of that has to do with the quad-copters. The search function works well here. Use it often, you will find what ever you need. In that rare case that you can not, there are great people here to help. Thanks for coming to Phantom Pilots! You are family now.
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  4. soulphantomflyer

    Mar 24, 2016
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    Call doc when one of the cell hold less voltage then other

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