Lost P2V

Jun 20, 2015
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Heart of Dixie and Ft. Walton Beach, FL.
On my final flight yesterday to capture a nice sunset I lost my P2V. It flew overhead from east to west and I could see the solid green lght on the backside. I was at about 250 feet. Plenty of room to clear the trees around me. I lost visual and the wifi signal so I triggered RTH. I glanced at my LG 8.3 tablet (running the Litchi app) and had a warning that the GPS signal was lost. First time this has happened. I know approximately where the bird is and it's going to be difficult to get to but I'll try. My flight path took me over some high power lines from a sub station. I wonder if that caused the lose of GPS. I probably cleared them by 50+ ft.
It sounds plausible. I think you'll find it in good condition. It should have landed relatively well in the area although RTH could have sent it to an alternate Home Point.

Check your flight log to track the path of where it went and you should be able to recover.
It's probably in a tree top along the flight path. I think I've narrowed it down using the "Find my Aircraft" function with the Litchi app. Unless that reading is just where GPS was lost. It could have continued further. I'm going to try to get my brother to do a flyover of the area with his drone and maybe we'll spot it.

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