Lost...and Found....my Remote ID Module

Sep 19, 2017
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So I bought a Holy Stone Remote ID, as I'm a Part 107/Fixed Wing pilot. I stuck it on my Phantom with a piece of Velcro and it fell off my first big flight. It was very windy, and I obviously should have known better.

Well I downloaded the first Remote ID Search App I could find, but was not optimistic. I had covered a pretty large area over a 20 acre farm, an really didn't expect the signal to be strong enough to find unless I got really luck.

Well, I did get luck.....I was driving around the property, an saw a signal in the "Drone Scanner" app. I parked, walked around, and it guided me toward my Remote ID Module. It was guiding me to an area of heavy grass, and I still wasn't anticipating find it. However, after maybe 3-4 minutes of digging into some dead weeds, there it was..

Anyway, just sharing, secure your remote ID module securely, and while I'm not sure anyone could see my signal 400' up in the sky, it certainly was strong enough for me to find it when I got around 100' from it on the ground.
Several of us have bought the Holy Stone rid holder from AerialPixel $15. It clips onto the phantom's leg and holds very well. Easy on/off. Thanks for your helpful post.
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that last one is basically what I have but I had it under the bridge. I was in a hurry, just wasn't thinking. The story was really more about the fact that I found it, than my carelessly losing it.

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