lost gps

  1. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Losing GPS Signal

    This happened to me flying the drone in 2 totally different places. The gps shows 18 satellites and from nothing goes to zero satellites, does anyone know what may be happening?
  2. K

    Lost GPS

    Yesterday my drone lost GPS almost immediately after takeoff. The Drone immediately climbed to what I expected was the return to home altitude because it disconnected from the controller. I'm not really sure about the altitude but that's my best guess. Then the drone started drifting and I had...
  3. G

    Lost P4

    Hey all - lost signal on my P4 today while the app was trying to update. It's somewhere in the hills - i hope. Please let me know how to upload my last GPS coordinates so I can find it.
  4. M

    My P4P went into ATTI mode today by itself!

    I posted this as a reply to someone else's old thread, but I'm discovering that I get many more replies if I post a new thread instead of trying to revive a long-dead thread. So here goes... hope's it's OK to do this... I switched my P4P on today on our snowy but plowed driveway. I was...
  5. pounder35

    Lost P2V

    On my final flight yesterday to capture a nice sunset I lost my P2V. It flew overhead from east to west and I could see the solid green lght on the backside. I was at about 250 feet. Plenty of room to clear the trees around me. I lost visual and the wifi signal so I triggered RTH. I glanced at...