Looking for a backpack for off-road motorcycling

Jan 26, 2015
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Does anyone have any experience with a good backpack for off-road riding? I'm heading out next Thursday with a bunch of friends up to the Owens Valley in CA. We're planning to ride up to the Cerro Gordo ghost town and I'd really like to be able to take my P2V+ and get some footage of the ghost town and also just some good dirt biking shots.

From the pictures I've seen they look a bit bulky but I'd like to hear from someone that's actually used one and any recommendations you might have. Given the activity I'm looking for a pack with a hard-shell back and preferably one that has a waist belt in addition to the shoulder straps to keep the bouncing/flopping to a minimum.

I'm kind of limited to anything that Amazon has that I can get shipped through Prime so I can get it in 2 days.

Any help appreciated.

LowePro runner 450. While it is a soft pack, it has a waist belt and carries everything well. I use it on my Adventure bike and my sport bike.

I bought the following on Amazon and used it for both hikes and on my motorcycle. It's nice because it does have the waist strap you're looking for in addition to a rain cover.


When I'm not packing any big gear in my Givi case or side cases (I have a Kawasaki Concours), I use the egg crate it came in and put that in the Givi case as the pack won't fit. This gives me a little break on my shoulders. What I like about this case besides being half hard/soft case, the hard case-top serves as a take-off/landing point on uneven terrain and rocks during hikes which is about the same thing since you're off-roading. HTH!

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