latest firmware help ????

Jul 1, 2014
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has all of the kinks from the latest firmware been sorted out?
Plugged in to do an imu calibration and the upgrade came up... not sure if I should or not...

Commments ... suggestions please
Seems like it.
I still haven't decided yet as I still have 3.08.
Some have said the compass calibration is now more harder to do. I think DJI has made the compass more sensitive and to NOT accept erroneous conflicting info.
I also think this is because many users still have no idea, and do compass calibs near large structures, rebar concrete, inside their cars etc.
There are benefits I think. Youtube's dronecamps mentions that when failsafe is triggered, you can now still navigate around or above obstacles.
I agree and appreciate the comments ... I think for now I will just keep what I have as everything seems to be fine still...
The way I see it ... DJI needs to do better.. Releasing Quad after Quad and not fixing the issues of the P2V+ and up.
I love my Quads but really think its crappy that we cant update without it being a game of Russian roulette ...

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