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iPhone 5s / iPad Air lag

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Tomas, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Tomas

    Oct 3, 2015
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    Hi guys, currently on my 7th flight I am borrowing friend's iPad Air (5th generation) and it works OK with a slight little lag. I also have iPhone 5s and find the same if not worse lag. (+the screen is small)

    I am thinking of purchasing a device that would have no lag at all, I have heard really good things about the Nexus 7 - does it have no lag whatsoever? If not what Apple tablet would be the best?

    Kind regards

  2. msinger

    Approved Vendor

    Oct 30, 2014
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    Harrisburg, PA (US)
    Try these tweaks. I setup my iPad Mini 2 using those settings and am seeing no lag. The iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air have the same processor, so you should see similar results.

    If you want a faster device, check out the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4.
  3. RedHotPoker

    May 3, 2015
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    Edmonton Alberta
    I think the general consensus is iPad Air 2 Cellular.
    That was where I landed. ;-)
    Been a very comfortable companion to travel and fly with.
    Definitely suggest adding an Inspire 1 device holder, or a similar radio upgrade. The stock holder is a bit on the wobbly side, even after tightening it down. YMMV but it's well worth the slight CO$T.
    Set it and forget it. ;-)

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