iPad 2 Sun Shade design

Feb 7, 2013
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Most of my flying time now involves looking at the iPad screen rather than the Phantom, and it's often too hard to see the screen in bright daylight. I have yet to find a good sun shade so I made my own and thought I'd pass it along...

I created the design in CAD, printed the pattern on white paper and pasted the paper onto a sheet of 4mm black foamcore. I cut the outline and then scored 3 sides allowing the foamcore to self-hinge and fold into shape. The two open edges were then joined using hot melt glue on the inside for a clean joint which also allows it to fold flat for transport.

The shade can be used with or without a magnifier loop. The loop shown here is one I use for my DSLR but works perfectly for this application blocking out almost all light. Either way, the full screen is viewable.

I use a paper clamp to hold one of the shield's bottom flaps (which are also self-hinging) to the iPad allowing the shade to flip out for quick access to the touch screen. Most of the camera controls are hard buttons anyway so the touch screen is mostly used for setup.

I have attached a 1:1 PDF of the pattern. Since I only have a 8.5 x 11 printer, I couldn't print the whole pattern so I printed 2 sheets of each side's outline, then cut each out and aligned all four on the foamcore sheet.



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I wish you make twin eye pieces.
I'm going to try and make one to fit my iPad mini-2

Thanks for sharing :)

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