1. t2adze

    DJIFlightRecord File not there.

    Hello All Just wanted to upload the file to the Log Viewer, but when i entered SHIELD Tablet K1\Internal shared storage\DJI\dji.pilot\FlightRecord There was no flight from today. There were other logs from the earlier days, but not the ones from today. How can i fix this? Any solutions? Thanks
  2. D

    WTS: Nvidia Shield K1

    I have a Nvidia Shield k1 in great shape. The screen has a small rub mark but no major scratches, chips, cracks. Works great and I just recently applied liquid glass screen protector. Selling it since I went to an iPad 9.7. Asking $175 shipped
  3. H

    nvidia shield tablet + controller

    originally bought to play emulators on the big screen. but i rarely touched it since having another baby. also wanted to do sketches since the stylus is pressure sensitive in the nvidia native app. screen is very good. 2 little scratch if you really look for it. the back has a thin line crack...
  4. MarMar

    Nvidea Shield K1 video issue

    I have been using my work phone, iphone 6s, with no problems. I just got the Nvidea Shield K1 tablet and set it up with DJI GO. Now I cannot fly due to video freezing and data loss notifications (Downlink data connection loss). Does anyone know a fix for this issue? Thank you
  5. KennyN

    Nvidia Shield + FPV

    I have just pulled the trigger on a Nvidia Shield tablet to use with my P4 and noticed that the tablet has a mini HDMI out port. I know that I'm getting ahead of myself having only completed a few flights with my P4 so far, but I'm thinking about the future...Does anyone know whether I can use...
  6. J

    New sun shield/launch pad for Ipad

    Hi all, i'm a UK based photographer. I've been toying around with my Phantom 3 Advanced for a while and have always found the sun shields you can buy for the ipad air totally useless so i've invented my own called the 'Sunbox'! It's here on Kickstarter: Sunbox - ipad screen drone sunshade It's...
  7. chapsrlz

    vr goggles for nvidia shield k1

    hi guys, any vr goggles that you recommend for the nvidia shield? thanks!
  8. R

    Nvidia Shield K1 and Barometer?

    I've done a search and also researched but can't find my answer. It's my understanding a tablet with GPS and a barometer is best for flights that include terrain with differing elevations. The Shield K1 seems great regarding price vs performance. Does it have a barometer? Thanks
  9. J

    iPad 2 Sun Shade design

    Most of my flying time now involves looking at the iPad screen rather than the Phantom, and it's often too hard to see the screen in bright daylight. I have yet to find a good sun shade so I made my own and thought I'd pass it along... I created the design in CAD, printed the pattern on white...