1. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Norway - Lyngør lighthouse during winter

    Hi guys! Checknout this clip from Norway, and the Lyngør lighthouse in winter. Bright light but no filters used. A little tweaking in post and stab on one backward jelly effect thats it :) A subscribe would make my day - if you care to ;)
  2. OOO

    Beautiful Winter

    Hi Guys, It's been exactly one year since I bought my first drone. Thank you all for your support, patience and encouragement. May the new year bring new hopes, new joys and new successes in your life's journey. This video is a little new year gift to you all! Please watch it in 4K or full HD...
  3. Green Phantom

    BEAUTIFUL Christmas Snowy Video

    My first ever sunrise
  4. M

    Views from the valley (New York)

    Hope you enjoy this short video I made after a hike! Also check out the channel if you want. Greatly appreciated! Mike Panio
  5. jamesmorano

    Persona - "Say What You Say" Lyric Video - Phantom 4

    I had an amazing time filming and editing a lyric video for Persona’s new song “Say What You Say”. The video is filled with beachy vibes shot with both my Phantom 4 and GH5. It mainly features the amazing sound of Persona. “Say What You Say” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Long Island’s...
  6. M

    beautiful sunset from New York

    Its a short little video but the sky looks awesome If you wanna see more i dropped the youtube channel down below Mike Panio
  7. See Norway

    SeeNorway - COLD and sunny with JOAKIM KARUD funk!

    This video has driving music from Joakim Karud that is a treat in its own. So please enjoy another banging release :) Like SeeNorway on facebook? Subscribe to SeeNorway on YouTube?
  8. See Norway

    SeeNorway - CLOUD Surfing nice waves over snowy grounds

    Hi good folks :) I just finished editing my cloud surfing video. This was a day that suddenly turned bad but ended in an awesome experience. Please enjoy and fly safe :) Youtube channel SeeNorway: SeeNorway
  9. dougvg

    P4 Pro won't fly directly into the sun

    Or even close, actually. When the sun is at a very low angle and the aircraft is headed toward it, the front sensors apparently misread the sun as an object in the path, and it refuses to fly forward. Well, at least we don't have to worry about the Phantom flying into the sun and melting, like...
  10. BrAinZ

    Bright Spot in Video when Sun is behind camera

    Hi Guys, Is there anything that can be done to eliminate the bright spot that appears in the video when the Sun is directly behind the camera/drone? I'm assuming it's not actually a fault in the equipment as others seem to have the problem? You can clearly see what I mean in one of my videos...
  11. J

    New sun shield/launch pad for Ipad

    Hi all, i'm a UK based photographer. I've been toying around with my Phantom 3 Advanced for a while and have always found the sun shields you can buy for the ipad air totally useless so i've invented my own called the 'Sunbox'! It's here on Kickstarter: Sunbox - ipad screen drone sunshade It's...
  12. Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada - Sunset over Green Island

    Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada - Sunset over Green Island

    Here is my first upload a sunset panorama. Taken with the DJI app manually and then stitched in Lightroom. Taken with a Phantom 3 4k.
  13. S

    First Go Pro Video- Tenerife

    Hey guys, trying to start up a You Tube Channel consisting of GoPro videos. Currently only have the Hero so the quality isn't the best however I'd like some feedback on what I've got on my you tube channel soooooo go check it out, heres the link to one of my videos- but check out the other as...

    English Riviera 2015

    This is a compilation vid of most of my filming around my local beachs in the english riviera (sounds nicer than what iit is) this summer hope you enjoy, welcome any feedback!!
  15. J

    iPad 2 Sun Shade design

    Most of my flying time now involves looking at the iPad screen rather than the Phantom, and it's often too hard to see the screen in bright daylight. I have yet to find a good sun shade so I made my own and thought I'd pass it along... I created the design in CAD, printed the pattern on white...