International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) UAS ToolKit For Regulators

Mar 4, 2020
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Hey Yos:

I mentioned ICAO in an earlier thesis you probably enjoyed, and wanted to do you guys one more. Again, ICAO is the international UN organization setup to make sure a runway number in Tehran is painted exactly the same as in Budapest, along with 437,823 additional initiatives for the benefit of all. As formal members of the aviation industry, ICAO is now focusing on taking what is already being used around the globe, and taking the first steps in laying the foundation of what will eventually develop into a Standardized sUAS/ drones/ RPA Regulatory Framework to enable member state CAAs wishing to formalize sUAS access to their airspace a good starting point.

This will likely be interesting to those who are interested in understanding the larger process of harmonization, or who would appreciate the unique opportunity to observe how an emerging technology driven industry are organized and supported on the global stage. Remember, ICAO will never, and could never develop any requirements or limitations which they would enforce upon anyone in the drone sector. They are NOT a regulatory body and have no authority to mandate the global aviation industry users, stakeholders, state CAAs, or aircraft in flight to do anything or restrict them from anywhere. When you see something produced by ICAO which looks and sounds exactly like they are regulating, don't fret. They are simply providing a recommended standard which was agreed upon by a majority of members, and provided to all nation CAAs as what should be considered for inclusion into their specific codified aviation regulations.

Let me know if you have any questions about ICAO. I worked along side with them a few times over the years, and milked them for some of their resources as much as I could.

Dang, I kinda went half-assed on this post....Must be getting tired...

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