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How to replace your Main Controller's USB plug

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by MonsieurAnon, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. MonsieurAnon

    Nov 22, 2013
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Preamble; I had a crash some time ago that has required a few repairs and flight tests. In the process my Phantom 2 stopped being recognised by my PC when plugged in via USB. This meant that I could not recalibrate the IMU or adjust gains, both actions that I needed to do, to get her airworthy again. I ordered a replacement USB cable from Helipal and did the following to replace the defective one:

    Note; I figured out a trick for an annoying portion of the job that may save you some frustration, otherwise it's pretty straight forward.

    Unscrewed the shell; 3 hexes and 1 tiny phillipshead screw per arm; not the ones under the motors.

    Lifted the shell off gently, then disconnected the GPS cable; which is in the upper shell.

    Placed the shell to the side.

    Unscrewed the current USB's 2 tiny phillipshead screws.

    Unplugged the USB cable.

    Unplugged other cables that were in my way, taking a photo with my phone to ensure I put them back in the right places.

    Lifted the USB out of the lower shell by it's cable.

    Lowered the new USB in, using a pen in the battery hole to put it loosely above the screw holes.

    Put the screws on a screwdriver, using bluetac around the rim of the head to hold it in place.

    Screwed the screws partially in before removing the screwdriver to clear off the bluetac.

    Finished screwing in each screw.

    Plugged each cable in to it's correct place.

    Replaced the top shell.

    Screwed the shell screws back in.
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