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Aug 5, 2016
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I just purchased my first Drone (Phantom 3 Advanced) and I am excited to start flying.

I purchased it from a store that specializes in selling drones.
He went into the backroom to get it and after a 1 or 2 minutes he came out with a box that was already opened. (The seals were cut) This Box has 2 round clear seals that tape the locking flap closed.
He said he "just opened it now in the backroom"
I did not ask him if he had just put on the stickers, I did not think of it at the time, but he could have never opened the box, installed the stickers and box it back up that quickly.

My question is Does a NEW Drone out of the box come with the Silver Stickers already on it?

My sticker package came with 4 packages:
1) Metallic Cinnamon Red with 4 Stripe stickers & 4 DJI
1) Metallic Bright Pink with 4 Stripe stickers & 4 DJI
1) Metallic Silver with ALL 4 Stripe stickers & 4 DJI ( this matches the Silver that was on the Phantom when he opened the cover of the box cover in front of me.
1) Metallic Blue with with on ONLY 2 Stripe stickers & 4 DJI
So why would my kit only have only 2 of the 4 Blue Stickers with first and third obviously missing?

Do the Silver stripes come on it new or are there now stripes on it when it comes fresh out of the box?

Thank You for your replies in advance.
Photo Bird
The stripes should be on the Phantom and the box should be sealed.
I'd pretty much require the box be sealed just to avoid any future "what ifs". It's common courtesy IF it needs to be opened to let the OWNER at least see it being cut open.

Welcome to the forum and the hobby :)

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