Mar 3, 2016
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I'm setting here waiting on my P3P to show up,,, tracking says today is the day.
It's snowing and cold so I'll just have to read all the instructions and charge all the batteries.
I went online and seen the damage noobs do to their living room by starting up inside house on first day.
Think i'll wait and take out after the snow. There's a couple castles and the Ohio caverns in my back yard so I have lots to film. Maybe the last snow of the year will make for good videography.
I look forward to learning the safe, polite way of flying and all the do's and don'ts. I got my area mapped out on Air Map and there's nothing within 5 miles of me in any direction.

Wish Me Luck
Hey Robert! Welcome and good luck!
Howdy Robert and welcome to the forum - lots of great advice, information and tips to be found on here.

LOL - great idea not to try that indoor flying - even hovering.

Don't be in any rush to charge up the batteries until you are ready to fly, more the 24 hours - 48 max in advance. Not great for the LiPo's life to sit around with a full charge.

Congrats on the new P3P - yup read, read and read some more. Safe future flying and filming.

Ya, same here as to the snow, hoping this last blast will be the last!

What is it they say........March comes in like a Lion or a Lamb and leaves like one or the other! Well it came in like a Lion around here!

Will look for your videos from in and around your area.
Thanks guys. .
I got my p3p and read the manuals.
And did the tests. Charged the batteries.
I got a nice 7 inch tablet and hood.

I am having some trouble getting any distance or altitude from it.
About 150 yards out it loses signal.
About 100 yards out I get weak signal warning.
I went higher but that made signal loss faster. I made sure remotes antennas where positioned correctly. .
I have now read online that everyone getting new p3p are having the same issue.
I did the 32 channel hack but it looks like that will only work in custom. If you go back to auto still only shows 8 channels.
Wondering if I spent alot of money on a cheap toy?
Bummed in Ohio

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