phantom 3 pro

  1. W

    Live view not working on Phantom 3 Pro - Please help!

    Im a newbie to the drone world just picked up a used Phantom 3 Pro from my son who has not used it in years. I updated the AC and RC to the latest firmware since it was not working. I think that is why he stopped using it. These are the current versions I updated to: APP 3.1.43 (DJI Go...
  2. A

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro - The firmware on the SD card is identical to or older than the current firmware on the aircraft.

    Hi everybody, I wanted to upgrade the firmware of my Phantom 3 Pro - I started by installing 1.11.20 on the drone and it succeeded. When I tried installing it on the RC, it did not succeed and the message was "The firmware on the SD card is identical to or older than the current firmware on the...
  3. LZet

    Prague,Czech republic is here

    Hi all, I have recently joined the forum. I am from Prag, capitol of Czech Republic, country from the middle of Europe. So anyone who is interested to have any discussion related to drones is welcome. I am a Phantom 3 PRO and Czech UAV (for drones) flying licence owner. Looking forward your...
  4. 3rdof5

    Greetings all

    Hello fellow pilots. I'm in Canada and just purchased a refurnished P3P direct from dji and I'm loving it :)
  5. skatemurai

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro - Remote Controller Signal Weak

    Hey guys, I got this problem, whenever I am (Message: Strong interference, fly with caution): How should I fix it? Please help, many thanks! App: 3.1.43 Latest firmware (according to the app).
  6. pcvph3p

    Help - Phantom 3 Pro controller board burned

    Hello good, I had a problem with the controller of my old PH3 since an overvoltage has left the plate unusable, so right now I can not do anything. :(:(:( Since I do not have a lot of money I thought that it was possible to use the Naza controller that I have in my F450. Does anyone know if...
  7. F

    P3 Firmware Should I Flash the Firmware - Video Transmission intermittent freeze

    I have a phantom 3 professional that is on the latest firmware version. Has been updated on nearly every version and never really had any issues. I purchased a Mavic Pro when they first came out so the Phantom is getting less use. On the last few flights I've been having a problem with the...
  8. A

    Connect PH4pro aircraft to PH3Pro controller

    Hello guys, I have a phantom 4 pro with a controller that needs to be replaced due to faulty battery. Mean while I have a number of PH3Pro controllers laying around and I was wondering if someone can walk Mr through the process of linking to my Phantom 4 pro? What I tried: I downgraded a PH3Pro...
  9. M

    Phantom 3 professional losing signal a few feet away.

    Good afternoon! At the beginning of the year I acquired a Phantom 3 Professional, it has always been a beauty to fly with it, going to distance and huge altitudes, but recently I am facing some problems. I always made flights with altitudes above 200 meters, reaching the limit of 500 meters...
  10. M

    Phantom 3 Pro Crashed- Help!

    Can anyone here help with advice! I had a prop come loose and my drone crashed from about 100m up. It fell onto relatively soft ground the body looks OK but the camera and gimbal smashed (couldnt find the camera). When I start the drone up it beeps loudly but connects to the controller. The...
  11. K

    Buying Non-OEM Batteries

    Looking for advice buying P3 4480 mAh batteries at good price from eBay. They are Brand New, Fully Decoded for $64.
  12. H

    Tilted Horizon – the technical background and profound solution

    Hey folks, like many of you I had issues with tilted horizon. Not finding the right answers and next to no technical background of the gimbal whatsoever on the internet I set to work. Here’s my story: When my (used) P3P arrived, the gimbal protector was loose in the box and when I first...
  13. G

    Phantom 3 Pro remote with Phantom 4 Pro

    Will the phantom 3 Pro remote work the phantom 4 pro? I know it works with the Phantom 4 standard but not sure about the P4P. Thanks
  14. N

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Pro + Titan Atlas + Case

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great and the Titan Atlas gives you a solid RC and Video signal at long range and cuts through any interference if flying in heavy building areas. Can fly with...
  15. Infinite_parts

    Phantom 3 Pro gimbal falls asleep after drone is turned on / no signal

    Hi folks, Another issue with P3P. Not sure what really happened but now P3P gimbal is falling asleep after drone is turned on. It dances that starting loop then green light blinks few times and camera goes down like falling asleep. I know that GL300C RC is recently upgraded. Yesterday this P3P...
  16. iflyskyhigh

    *Sold* DJI Phantom 3 Pro w/ 4 Intelligent Flight Batteries iPad mini 2 64GB *SOLD*

    $850 ($1000 w/ iPad mini see below) DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4 DJI OEM Intelligent Flight batteries 2 Sets DJI OEM props DJI OEM iPhone sunshade DJI OEM iPad mini sunshade Polar Pro Landing Gear Polar Pro Gimbal Guard Polar Pro Lens Cover Polar Pro 6 ND Filter Set ND Filter Set carrying case Remote...
  17. visual captain

    Just uploaded new demo reel

    I just uploaded my new demo reel for 2018. please take a look and let me know what you think. thanks <iframe width="720" height="400 src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. AJC

    **SOLD** For Sale - Phantom 3 Pro - Pair

    For Sale PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE I have a pair of Phantom 3 Pro units. Both in excellent condition. I used one unit as a main unit and the second as a back up(very little air time). No need for a second transmitter, at least for my needs. Package contains Two DJI Phantom 3...
  19. lnh2424

    Flying at Night

    How do I get a permit to fly a phantom drone at night?
  20. lnh2424

    Refurbished Unit

    Are DJI refurbished phantom 3 SE-Pro any good. Is it worth it or should I just buy a new one.