1. L

    Looking for pilot in calgary

    Hello all I am located in Calgary and volunteering with a local non profit to develop a water conservation system, I am looking to build a highly accurate contour map and have access to ground survey. My inquiring being If any local pilots would be interested in assisting with the development of...
  2. B


    I'm going to St Simon's Island and was curious about flying there. I saw the airport but seemed pretty small from google maps...any body got any advice on flying on St Simon's island?
  3. D

    My first video

    This my first attempt of a video including music. It was pretty fun choosing which clips to use. There are a few things I would do differently but all-in-all I'm happy with it. The title refers to the fact that it is a flyover in the area of my shop. Here is the link:
  4. odannyj

    Drone Shots of the Long Pond Lake

  5. Supermofo

    Corfu / Greek laws for recreational safe and sensible drone use???

    Title pretty much says what I'm looking to find out... Got a trip booked for Sept and thought about taking P3A for some genuine landscape photography etc.. nothing dangerous, just some safe use away from people with line of site etc.. Basically everything that should be done when flying a...
  6. A


  7. S

    A Hello from Southampton, UK

    Hello everyone. I'm from Southampton, UK and I am loving my recent drone purchase. I started off with the Phantom 3 Standard, for a couple months to see how I would find the drone. I loved it so much I got rid of it and upgraded to the Phantom 4. It is truly amazing how fun and easy they are...
  8. meierjoe

    Phantom 3 Standard Fly Away. Where is it ?

    Hey everyone, today something terrible happened. My Dji Phantom 3 Standard flew away. I was filming some really nice empty buildings in east Germany from outside and I wanted it to return to home but somehow it had another RTH point. It logged 2 flights even though i did only one. Then it just...
  9. P

    No Fly Zone Unlock Trouble

    I live in the zip code area 20623 and am having trouble taking off. My phone app doesn't show me being a no fly zone. when I try to take off my app tells me I'm in a no fly zone. I went to dji website and tried to unlock the zone but even their website is telling me I should be able to fly. it...
  10. TiminSac

    Flyby of Raley Field.

    Here is a small video of our local minor team field and a shot of the Tower Bridge. This video was a lot longer but I edited out the boring stuff.
  11. M

    Want to see what a Phantom 3 Standard can do?

    Max out of the resolution on these. Some are 1440p max, a few are 1080. 1440p High altitude: I live in a dense urban area, so I can't give you the altitude in numbers...but it was high ;) 1080p: Just flying around. Video includes landing, hover, and auto-land. Incredible camera. Roadway...
  12. P

    Phantom 4 Operator from South Carolina

    Hello, I was browsing the internet doing some research, when I came across this site. I checked it out, and thought why not. My name is Will, I live in Summerville. I am new to UAS. I DO understand the rules and look forward to long flight times. Anyone know of a cool and safe place to operate...
  13. B

    Questions About Flying a P4 Indoors

    I have never flown my P4 indoors. I have been scanning the internet for comments by experienced flyers to see what they have learned. It seems that there is no definitive answer as to what to do. P or Atti mode seems to be the biggy. I would assume that the ability (or rather inability) to lock...
  14. A

    Need your advice please, short clip

    HI guys I'm a new addition to your DJI family. Just did my third clip of our trip to Niagara Falls. Feel free to comment and provide feedback as I'm fairly new drone pilot and still learning. Highly appreciated all your guru advices. Please watch this video with music on as it suits my concept...
  15. SoCalDude

    Equipment Left in Hot Car All Day?

    If I leave my P4, controller, charged batteries, etc. in my car all day--which may get very hot--are there any problems taking it out and flying it right away?
  16. Gary Vaughan

    Going to Australia with P4 - any suggestions

    So I live in the US and I'll be traveling to Australia in November and I'm thinking of taking my P4 with me. I've been looking around to see if I can fly it in Sydney and other surrounding areas that I'll be visiting and there doesn't seem to be a ton of information (and I'm afraid of getting...
  17. Jerry Shadrick


  18. R

    Hello from West Central Ohio I'm Robert.

    Hi I'm setting here waiting on my P3P to show up,,, tracking says today is the day. It's snowing and cold so I'll just have to read all the instructions and charge all the batteries. I went online and seen the damage noobs do to their living room by starting up inside house on first day. Think...
  19. aerialwizard

    Phantom 3 fly away repair status

  20. S

    Transmitter Signal Lost - CFG-ERR

    Hi there, I got my DJI Phantom a few days ago. Took it out of the box, attached the gimbal and took it outside. Fast yellow LED flashes after the Power On Self Test. I thought initially this was the GPS LED, so I left it there for around 10 minutes to give it time to find satellites. No...