1. C

    Typo in UA Study Guide

    TOTAL newb here. Studying to get my UA cert, just learning how to read TAF's. Stumbled across, what I think is a typo on page 18 of FAA-G-8082-22 (section pasted below). I don't see the part described on line 2 of the explanation in the example report. It looks to me like there should be a...
  2. Aeneas

    Airspace Authorization Wait Times?

    There's an event I want to photograph that is ongoing but also temporal. An ice jam has formed in the Delaware River near Trenton NJ and I'd like to photograph it. I am a certified Part 107 operator. The location is on the boarder of TTN class D airspace and my operation would be both within and...
  3. embayweather


    i was flying my aircraft today in the beach where I normally go. Not high, not far, just practising manoeuvres for my PfCO. But I noticed that it was getting very high, and indeed almost at the point of not being able to see it when it was on the farthest leg of the square I was flying. I...
  4. E

    UAV Forecast Website

    UAV Forecast Found this website that helps pilots know when a good time to fly is and thought it would be a good idea to share here.
  5. Sunnaroe

    More important than range...

    Im sure im not alone in being obsessed with my equipment (the drone )Surfing amazon for attachments 24-7 like we just fathered a Phantom...but in this below freezing midwest weather,Im learning how important the actual PILOT is!Like along with advice regarding upgrades I wish someone reminded me...
  6. Sunnaroe

    I owe all of you a sincere thanks-so Thanks

    Long story short-Im a noob who ,if not for this forum matching my every google search verbatim,wouldnt know where to begin.Not one post is lame if you ask me. With that being said let me get on to my lame questions-lol. Im in Cincinnati-great cityscape without any major obstacles from my...
  7. K

    Android App: Real-Time Airspace Map/Weather and Easy Checklists

    Hi all, NVdrones just released our mobile app today, NVDash Mobile! Some of you have been beta testing our web app and we've gotten great feedback that led into the development of our Android app. Features: · Fly safely with comprehensive and real-time airspace map provided by AirMap ·...
  8. K

    How Does Weather Affect Your Drone's Performance?

    Hi all, First off, I apologize in advance for the long post. Weather obviously plays a huge role in how your drone flies but it's not always clear how or why certain conditions affects your drone (especially for non-pilots). After researching online, on this forum, as well as from experienced...
  9. dougvg

    P3 performance in high winds.

    Each day, I shoot the same sequence of stills and video along this stretch of central Arizona's Verde River. These images will be used to test a new technique of monitoring changes in the River's flows and the health of its ecosystem. Since it's important to get as complete a record as...
  10. R

    Hello from West Central Ohio I'm Robert.

    Hi I'm setting here waiting on my P3P to show up,,, tracking says today is the day. It's snowing and cold so I'll just have to read all the instructions and charge all the batteries. I went online and seen the damage noobs do to their living room by starting up inside house on first day. Think...
  11. B

    Help with UAV Forecast Settings

    Since most of you guys use UAV Forecast I was wondering what do you guys use for settings. I know there are some defaults but I do not use them all. I know some people are going to say it depends on what you are comfortable with but I am looking for some sage advice. For example, what height to...
  12. D

    is very light rain/drizzle ok to fly in?

    Got my phantom 3 standard on tuesday and i still havent managed to get it off the ground due to the rubbish british weather! Today is light drizzle and i just want to test it it ok to do so? Or best left until better weather? Thanks! Doyle
  13. tundrastruck

    P3A Cold Weather...How cold is too cold?

    Hey all, Just curuous as I haven't taken my P3A out for a flight in a month or two. Living in the arctic the weather is now colder and snow is settling in here. Wednesday we hit -19 Celcius with a windchill of -30 Celcius. Today is warmer at -5 I am hoping to take my P3A for a Winter flight...