1. Dr Crashmenot

    Central Georgia Macon and Surrounding

    Looking for a Flight and filming partner. Retired disabled Vet looking for fellow pilots in the Middle Ga area for outings to fly and film, swap fishing lies and fly some more. Lots of fun flying, more fun doing it in gatherings. I got a 2 inch toy for Christmas and now I'm a 8 rotor junkie. I...
  2. M

    Waterfall in High Falls, NY. Trying out new editing programs

    Hope you enjoy. Slowly but surely trying to get better at editing If you would like to sub here is my youtube channel: Mike Panio
  3. F

    Sacramento Ca pilots

    Hey Sac and surrounding area pilots! I am a new phantom 3 pilot and I was wondering if anyone knows of any clubs or social events in Sacramento area. Its a little boring flying solo all the time so I'm hoping to meet some peeps in sac town.
  4. R

    Hello from West Central Ohio I'm Robert.

    Hi I'm setting here waiting on my P3P to show up,,, tracking says today is the day. It's snowing and cold so I'll just have to read all the instructions and charge all the batteries. I went online and seen the damage noobs do to their living room by starting up inside house on first day. Think...