1. U

    Central / Northern Kentucky / Southern Ohio / Indiana

    Hey all! I'm living in Lexington, flying a Phantom 3 SE. I love the drone, although I've not had many chances to fly it. I was hoping to meet other drone pilots and get tips on how to fly, as well as good places to capture footage. I managed to get some footage on the Kentucky River a few weeks...
  2. S

    Help! Suspicious death!

    Hello, My name is Samantha Lynn. I am investigating the suspicious death of my mother, who was found deceased in a pond on my grandmother's property. I know its a long shot, but I was hoping to gather any and all images you may have from August 1,2017 between 1230pm-230pm, at 1365 Shannon Road...
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  5. tseymour

    What is your Passion Project?

    Mine is flying and filming covered bridges in Ohio. It gives me a reason to fly and takes me and my brother to some interesting places. Please visit my channel, like & subscribe to see more.
  6. rpratali

    Flying in parks - Pickerington, OH

    I've been flying my P3A in local parks within Pickerington, OH. Although I've never seen any posting stating drones were not allowed nor have I ever been stopped by park personnel or local police, I decided to contact the Pickerington park department just to confirm. Below is an email I...
  7. R

    Hello from West Central Ohio I'm Robert.

    Hi I'm setting here waiting on my P3P to show up,,, tracking says today is the day. It's snowing and cold so I'll just have to read all the instructions and charge all the batteries. I went online and seen the damage noobs do to their living room by starting up inside house on first day. Think...
  8. O

    Bridges of Columbus Ohio at night (P3A)

    A few of the bridges around Columbus Ohio and the Ohio State University at night. Downtown: OSU: