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Ground Station lost GPS

Discussion in 'DJI Ground Station' started by hughsnews, May 29, 2014.

  1. hughsnews

    Jan 12, 2014
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    Hi All,
    Total I took my P2 and groundstation to a local park to get some practice on it.
    It flew fine for a while and went to waypoints etc.
    I then used one of the pre-programmed waypoint(the one that does transects of area). Sent it up and noticed it flew WAY past the point before turning around and then doing the same thing! I managed to gain control by flicking to atti and land.

    Programmed another route with 6 points in it(using the transect feature). Payed close attention this time.
    I noticed I got an error fairly quickly saying it had switched to Atti mode mid flight- it was probably around 30m away from me. It was definitely on GPS on my RC. So I switched the Gps/Atti/Failsafe switch a few times and then put it back onto GPS to try fly it back to me. It seemed like it was still trying to fly using the IPAD and with me telling it to go one way and it going another, it flipped out mid air, spun and crashed.
    Running to it I thought it was dead as a prop and the battery flew out on impact. But somehow it survived, the battery and prop was ok- sent it up in the air again with the RC and tested every movement etc and it seems fine. Only issue was my small canon I had attached which got a chipped screen right on the edge of the screen but it seems like it has.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions? Why did it error and switch to Atti? When I switched from GPS down to Atti and back, shouldn't that have stopped any route it was on? I haven't upgraded my GS firmware since I got it or anything- could that be it? Just really confused. I will not be using it again for a while until I have tested the heck out of it!
    Thank god no one was around and that my quad, although bruised, is still fighting on!
  2. zenith

    Apr 22, 2014
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    Did you do a compass calibration after your attached your canon camera?
    The problem may be that the camera is throwing off your compass. Connect it to the assistant software and you will be able to see the compass readings change with and without your camera.
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