Gimbal is stuttering

Jun 13, 2014
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Have a gimbal that I've only used 5 times. Never crashed. It's exhibited this behaviour since day one. Tried upgrading the firmware and calibrating but no luck.

Any thoughts on how to fix? Do I need to send this back?

This was purchased in the fall but unfortunately I didn't fly it in the winter so didn't get a chance to solve the issue and I'm concerned DJI won't warranty it.

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Does this happen when the controller is off or on? If the shakes happen when its the controller is on then recalibrated the X1 in both the RC12 and Phantom assist.

From the vid, Its happening the moment it finishes initialising so I think you need to send back. Looks to me that either the potentiometer (sensor) is gone or the motor has burnt out.
It happens with the controller on or off. I've tried recalibration with both apps and no luck. Even after it initializes it doesn't get better.

Thanks for the reply. I'll call DJI and I hope they help me out.
I don't think I can use it - the software doesn't recognize any gimbal when I plug it into my P2. Turned on either before or after connecting to the usb. Isn't the software meant for when you use the H33D on a non Phantom?

Maybe so, Just threw it out there, on an off chance that it might help you.

Double check that all the cables to the gimble and camera are firmly plugged in and not broken. During shipping, I have had 2 cables fall loose and 2 ribbon cables for the camera break.

When I first received my P2, the (installed) H3-3D didn't work at all. I sent it back, and about a month and a half later I got it back, dealer saying there was nothing wrong. And I got the bill, (over $200 w/ shipping).

But the gimble was working when I got it back.

So now I try almost anything to get things working before I send parts back for repair.

Best of luck and have fun flying!

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