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Jan 5, 2015
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Western North Carolina
I've working on a project and thought I'd reach out here to see if anyone has ideas or can give input to what they've already done. I'm working with our local EMS group to advance our SAR capabilities using our UAVs. We operate high in the Blue Ridge Mountains so a lot of what we do is "Remote". While flying from the Command Center it's a no brainer in that I can use an HDMI cable to my Phantom3Pro Controller (with the HDMI output module) and send the LIVE Video feed into our Communications Van. From there they can put it onto an array of TV's/monitors for Real Time viewing. That's easy enough.

The problem is when I'm dispatched to a location away from the Command Center (which is 99% of the time it seems) and I have no Communications Van/Trailer to patch in to. I'm literally on my own in terms of resources. I want to have the ability to share the Video Signal out to an external source so that my spotter and or others can watch the large format display while I'm flying the aircraft and concentrating on being safe and efficient. My thoughts are a 32" TV mounted on a tripod or some type of light portable stand. The hang-up is power. I've got a small power inverter I keep in my car for battery charging and I could use that if I can flying from next to my car.

Any ideas suggestions? If you've done something like this or know someone who has please provide links or pics or something to help me make a system that will work and be portable.... on yeah it's got to be affordable too. All of this is coming out of my own pocket.

I'm using a Phantom3Pro w/DJI's HDMI out module

why not just use Headplays or similar?
In some instances that might be great but keep in mind there will be times when I may have multiple people trying to see the image simultaneously (looking for a person or items of interest like backpack, hat, etc) and a large format image is needed.
Excellent suggestion. I like it has it's on power so that solves one of my bigger problems.

Thanks :)
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