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E-Max Motor threads

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by phantomflyer, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. phantomflyer

    Nov 18, 2013
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    New Hampshire
    Does it matter if all four propeller threads thread in the same direction on a quad copter, Do they have to thread in the same as the Phantom motors?
    I bought some E-Max Motors they say is an upgrade for the DJI Phantom! All four propeller threads are all threading in clockwise! Shouldn't two of them have the nut go on counter clock wise so they don't come off with rotation of motor? Please anyone that has changed out motors that may know the answer let me know. I'd like to install them if there is no issue with them being like that..
  2. Peter Patricelli

    Sep 11, 2013
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    Eugene, OR USA
    All the original Phantoms were sold with standardized, clock-wise (CW) tightening threads, even though two of the four motors spun in a CCW direction. It was not that big a deal, 2 motors were automatically "nut-self-tightening" and the other two had the potential to, if you did NOT tighten the nut sufficiently, and check it periodically, loosen and there was the possibility of a prop coming off in flight.

    I have that original model PH and it is NOT that big a deal. Never had one loosen. The ADvantage is that there are a LOT more prop options available, including triblades AND balancing those props is a LOT easier.

    The downside of the CW-only set up, in addition to the "loosening" problem, is that the CW/CCW setup makes it much more difficult to mount a prop on the wrong direction motor (mount one of a set of four wrong and I guarantee you there is another one on wrong). THAT was a mistake almost everyone made sooner or later with CW-only. You found out when your take-off flipped without loosing contact with the ground. Two motors pushing UP and two DOWN. Ask me how I know. Another ADvatage of the CW/CCW system is that one can mount/dismount the props a LOT more quickly with less careful double checking to get it right.

    The least of the ADvantages of the CW/CCW sets was that one had few options other than to buy the DJI Props-integrated nuts. Good for DJI....maybe not so good for you. And balancing is much more difficult.

    If your motors are all CW....and you got them for a good price....and they are a motor you want.....and you are otherwise OK with maybe getting a different set of props....then I would NOT bugger the whole deal just on that issue.

    If your original PH had 2 CCW motors and you are replacing 2 of them with CW motors there MIGHT be a need to reverse the wiring to make the motor spin in the CW direction. I don't know but that would not surprise me.
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