Dusk Flight over Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey

Feb 6, 2017
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Bodrum is a famous vacation spot similar to Greek islands but in the Anatolian side of Aegean Sea... I was there for 10 days since my older brother has a summer house in Bodrum which has given me a great opportunity to fly my Mavic Pro and explore new techniques (no new technique in this footage ) as well as improving my skills... not to mention amazing footage that I get in 4K.

I would like to apologize in advance for the background music and the last section of the clip which I forgot to speed up my approach for landing, gets a bit dull watching a slow descent. Be my guest and skip or speed it up...

The original footage is in 4K and much higher quality. This clip was made with go4 app on my phone. I actually find it fun to be able to make basic clips with this app while surviving a boring conversation at a restaurant table among others you barely know or just met because your girlfriend wants you to be social... I usually use Final Cut Pro to edit my original footage and preserve 4K quality. In this case, I had used streamed footage from my mavic pro to the cache of my phone... I believe the quality is acceptable for a quickie to share here...

After a nice day on the beach, I decided to visit a friend on the other side of the city (Yalikavak). I was expecting a bit of sunset but couldn't make it there on time and all I got was the dusk. Upon flying, I was surprised by the quality of the image in low light conditions. I think mavic pro is an amazing little bird with good image quality and excellent radio control capabilities!

My flight was mostly over water and wind condition was excellent...clear and serene. I was out about 3.2 km then making a big arch getting close to the edge of the marina with no signal issues and no image drops. This is why I love my mavic pro! Occusync always gets the job done as long as you treat it with respect and maintain your antennas in proper angle and no obstacles blocking your field of view. Your position and home point is crucial, I guess everyone here knows this already

I wanted to share this footage with fellow drone owners and hear their feedback plus suggestions.

I hope you guys like it...


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