1. DJI_0115.jpg


    Dusk over San Elijo
  2. OOO


    Hi Everyone, I spent two weeks alone in the mountains of Black Sea region of Turkey. All shots were taken with P4P (more than 80 flights) during this period. I learned a lot from your critics. Thus, please criticize me as hard as you can. Thanks, Please watch in 4K.
  3. OOO

    Chasing the sun

    A compilation of my sunset and sunrise shots taken in the past year. I hope you enjoy it! 1) P4P and Mavic Pro 2) Recorded at 4K@25, 30, 50, and 60 FPS 3) Uploaded at 4K@24 FPS 4) ND4 and ND8 filter in some shots 5) Simple color correction 6) Final Cut Pro X
  4. Aussie Mark

    How could I have better setting for sunset videos?

    I flew my P3S at sunset over our sports complex. I used ISO 200 at 240. How could I have improved this video?
  5. B

    Dusk Flight over Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey

    Bodrum is a famous vacation spot similar to Greek islands but in the Anatolian side of Aegean Sea... I was there for 10 days since my older brother has a summer house in Bodrum which has given me a great opportunity to fly my Mavic Pro and explore new techniques (no new technique in this footage...
  6. D

    CP Adams Park

    I finally finished editing video I took about a week and a half ago. It's not great. The day was overcast and dreary, and it was dusk. But I like the way the lights look in town.