1. B

    Dusk Flight over Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey

    Bodrum is a famous vacation spot similar to Greek islands but in the Anatolian side of Aegean Sea... I was there for 10 days since my older brother has a summer house in Bodrum which has given me a great opportunity to fly my Mavic Pro and explore new techniques (no new technique in this footage...
  2. E

    My first video trial

    Hi everybody, I would like to share my drone selfie video compilation with you. Let me know your thoughts to fix myself, thanks...
  3. T

    Drone laws in Turkey

    Hi all, I already have a holiday planned for Turkey, more specifically Istanbul during July of this year, and I really want to take Phantom 2 Vision as I believe I can get some really cool shots of the city with it. However I am unsure of what the actual laws are in this country and the last...
  4. ermanovic

    Phantom 3 New Video Turkey Şarköy

  5. ermanovic

    Dji Phantom 3 Turkey New Video

    Hi everbody New short video:)
  6. ermanovic

    Phantom 3 New Short Video

    Hi guys, I share my new short video.
  7. ermanovic

    Phantom 3 Şarköy Tekirdağ Video

    Hi guys after sunset, a small video
  8. ermanovic

    Phantom 3 - Istanbul - Kemerburgaz -Historical Curve Belt - New Video

    Hi, From Istanbul's historic structures. the city was built to carry water.
  9. Bob Hyslop

    New drone mandate in Turkey

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can help. I'm travelling from the UK to Turkey in a few weeks and have read that Turkey has introduced a new law making it a requirement that all drones are registered with the directorate of civil aviation. I have checked their website and cannot find see how to...