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  1. D D S


    ULTIMAXX 7 PC FILTER KIT For Mavic Pro UV Lens Filter CPL Lens Filter ND4 Lens Filter ND8 Lens Filter ND16 Lens Filter Available in discounted price only in $7.99 with free shipping. DDS [email protected]
  2. F

    Phantom 3 pro and Mavic Pro bundle for sale

    am considering selling my entire drone kit. Here's what I have: 1 Phantom 3 pro with 3 batteries, prop guards, DJI ND Filters, backpack carrying case. 1 DJI Mavic Pro with 3 batteries, hardside carry case, DJI ND Filters. Backpack for the Phantom has been customized to also hold the Mavic. Also...
  3. K

    Trading/Selling my phantom 4 pro - $900 OBO

    Hey I would like to trade or sell my phantom 4 pro for $900 OBO. It will come with an extra battery and a carrying case (Lykus backpack). I'm also looking for a mavic pro with the dji goggles OR just the mavic 2 zoom. I've probably flown my p4p ~10 times, it's in great condition and will come...
  4. Rubin lopez

    Dolly zoom on any drone

    How to do dolly zoom on any drone. No need to buy the mavic 2 zoom. P.s. the quality isn't that good because I did a 28mm to 112mm digital zoom. The mavic 2 zoom does a 28mm to 48mm zoom. I honestly don't think you'll notice much of a difference between the two.
  5. M

    risk assessment

    can anyone direct me to the best place for a template for a risk assessment? I have a mavic pro and want do some videoing around a football stadium in the uk
  6. B

    Found Phantom 4 AND Mavic Pro In or near Portland Oregon

    Just wanted to get the word out if anybody has lost a White phantom 4 and or a black Mavic in the Portland Oregon area that you’re drones are being auctioned by the Government agency that found them or that they were turned into in about four days if you Think one of those these could be...
  7. T

    Looking to trade my Mavic Pro with Hard case, extra battery, and more for one of the Phantom 4's

    I have a mavic pro with extra battery, nice hard case, sd card, and multiple little accessories for a Phantom 4 Advanced or Pro.
  8. adventurecampitelli

    Flew my drone in Minus17 degree Celious

    Well I flew my drone in minus 17 degrees in my latest adventure video. It did not want to fly, kept getting gimbal overheating error. its like it was talking to me. I did eventually get it up and flew it for about 10 minutes. Was scared one of the propellers might cease and it would crash...
  9. I

    Mavic Pro Oahu, Hawaii With a Dash of P4

    Been a while, but feels good to be flying again. Feel free to check out my video
  10. RandomFlight

    Mavic Pro + EXTRAS

    2017 Mavic Pro asking $1100 Craft has 8 hours of flight in flight log. Has never been crashed or been dropped. New condition. Fun to play with for some great photos and videos. I don't have time to use this craft anymore and looking to part with it. Located in the Houston Texas area. Prefer...
  11. U

    Refurbished Mavic Pro or Air?

    As the name tittle suggests.. I am currently using P3S for a year now and had some awesome footages, now planning to upgrade. But currently I am seeing refurbished Mavic pro in DJI website is $799 and also new Mavic Air is about same price. With that tight budget it is hard to decide, should I...
  12. visual captain

    Just uploaded new demo reel

    I just uploaded my new demo reel for 2018. please take a look and let me know what you think. thanks <iframe width="720" height="400 src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. jeremytoh

    MAVIC AIR Flymore Combo Unboxed - Mornington Peninsula Flight

    Hi guys, Not sure if you are allowed to post videos on the Mavic Series here. Correct me if i am wrong... I've always found it very apprehensive when flying a drone, people stare at your a lot and sometimes the authorities get a bit annoyed, despite you abiding to all the local drone rules. I...
  14. N

    RTH off a cliff?

    Hi All, I was flying my drone off a cliff today and wondering, if I set my RTH at 100' and fly off a 325' cliff above the sea, will my drone (Mavic) return to home: a) at 425' (above the FAA max alititude) b) at 400' max altitude (and crash into trees) c) at 100' above the sea and crash into...
  15. kaligiy83

    searching for cloud 9 (like a beginner)

    I’m a newbie- no doubt about it. I’m also having fun learning the ins and out of drone piloting/ photography. Check out my footage - feedback welcomed!
  16. D

    For Sale: Mavic Pro with lots of Extras (like new)

    I have a Mavic Pro in like new condition. I bought the mavic back in Feb 2017 with several extra things. The drone flies great I also have a phantom 4 pro so this didn't get used much at all. It comes as it did in factory box. It will also come with a set of quieter mavic platinum...
  17. adventurecampitelli

    Latest adventure video whith some drone shots

    Have some drone shots of waterfalls, canyons, and lakes and beaches. let me know if you like.
  18. jeremytoh

    Hello from Melbourne Australia!

    Hello fellow Pilots... I am fascinated by how different the world looks from the skies, and it has fuelled my urge to see more of this beautiful world of ours. I was a Supply Chain Manager for 10 really good years, today I am a freelance consultant for Supply Chain and Citizen of the World...
  19. T

    A new Mavic Pro Clone called the Obtain F803. I think it's a terrible clone.

    There's a new drone called the Obtain F803. It sells for 400 dollars and I think it's way over priced. The claim is it's a Mavic Pro Alternative. But I don't think so. I compared it against other drones and it doesn't do well at all. Here's a video I made showing how it compares. Tell me if you...
  20. R

    Mavic Pro - P4 - P4 Pro : Can't Decide?

    Hey everyone. Been researching and watching youtube videos for weeks now, but I'm struggling to land on which drone would best suit me, the Mavic Pro, P4, or P4 Pro. So I was hoping I could hear from a few of you and get your input on your experiences, pros cons, etc. on each. I'll be using...