Some nice shots of Dundee, and it brought back some happy memories!

I took my first overseas trips from Broughty Ferry in 1980 & 81 when I went with National Trust for Scotland using the old Schools ship Uganda to Norway and, the next year, some Baltic ports.

I also remember that at Broughty Ferry, you used to have a little pleasure ship called "Tay Queen" that took passengers to look at the remains of the Tay Bridge. "Tay Queen", incidentally used to be known as "Bridlington Queen" in the 1950's when I was a small boy and holidaying at Brid. She was eventually scrapped (in the 80's?) somewhere down here on the Humber.
Many thanks - glad to have brought back some happy memories. The city is undergoing a really fantastic transition at the moment, with a £1 Billion development plan for the waterfront. This includes the building a the new Victoria & Albert Museum of Design. I can't wait for the completion so I can get filming some more.
really good vid when rising from the Law and also broughty ferry castle, when coming along the beach back to the castle at around the 5 min mark is the video sped up or is that the actual speed of the drone ?


The Dundee Drone Ranger :)

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