1. I

    UK Gov Drone Use inquiry closes 12th April 2019 - Have your say..

    If you fly drones commercially or recreationally in the UK, you need to do this before the 12th April 2019..
  2. Wjm

    Edinburgh - Scotland

    Please let me know what you think about my last video. I did it with a dji osmo, phantom4 and some shooting with a gopro:
  3. C

    Looking for HD video footage of Scotland

    Greetings, I am looking for drone video footage of Scotland and also other video footage to the theme of ‘Scotland’ for a project. Must be HD quality. Does anyone have any footage up on You Tube or similar ? Many thanks and regards
  4. J

    Scotland - Phantom 4 - @jakecatterall

    Had some fun taking the drone out in Scotland - Follow the link below to watch Had some great flying days, when there is so much open land and 0 wind, its a pleasure to fly the drone. i faced some problems whilst hiking around, my batteries got too cold for them to launch the drone I wrapped...
  5. R

    When a random guy makes your movie way more exciting!

    I was filming another boring Aerial of a Dam here in Scotland when this happened... That livened things up a bit! what happened next? who knows ;)
  6. ayasdxb

    Bringing drone to UK (via LHR) and scotland

    Hello, I'm from Dubai. Planning to take my Mavic to UK (Via heathrow airport) from Dubai. Can someone let me know if i will have trouble with airport staff at Heathrow for carrying drone? Also I will not fly the drone from UK, basically heading to Scotland highlands area after few days in UK...
  7. L

    UK Drone Videos

    Hi all, I'm always on the look out to find new places to film in the UK. I have added my You Tube link for a couple of the videos I've got round to editing. Really keen to see other peoples work and get any tips. If you could post your links here would love to see them. Thanks D Drone
  8. S

    Dji Phantom Standard Litchi Waypoint Mission Edinburgh, Scotland

    Little flight in Edinburgh Scotland. Taking in the views of Granton harbour, Newhaven harbour and lighthouse, and then onto a nice shot of the royal yacht Brittania. I thought it turned out pretty well and a stunning day for it. Not edited so a little rough at the end . sorry guys/gals, still a...
  9. G

    P3Pro - Hiking With Drone - Backpack Choice?

    Hello guys. I live in the Scottish Highlands and I'd like to take my newly acquired P3Pro drone out with me hiking - can people recommend a backpack (or other) that is a balance of protection and weight? I have a B&W 6700 storage travel case for the unit at home, or when I can drive to a...
  10. G

    Skye(Scotland) from the Phantom 3 and motorbike

    Really lucky with the weather on the 4 day trip, once the mavic arrives a will be doing loads more of these. I sold the phantom 3 when they showed the Mavic on September, in hindsight not a great decision. Still when a start making videos with it a wont be thinking about delays and one of...
  11. L

    Phantom 3 Advanced + Extra Battery & backpack. Scotland, UK

    Looking to sell my P3A. Bought new around 6 months ago and flown for about 2-3 hours in total. No issues with flight, no crashes, and always flown in good weather. Don't feel I'm getting as much use out of it as I could be so maybe time to sell on. As stated it comes with an extra battery(so...
  12. K

    Scotlands Route 66.. North Coast 500

    A few clips thrown together showing some parts of the Scottish Highlands North Coast 500
  13. R

    Scottish Lochs

    A couple of Lochs from the highlands of Scotland. Nothing too daring yet as I only just got the courage to fly over water!!
  14. D

    Sands of Morar, Scotland

    Sands of Morar, West Highlands, Scotland at it best. Camusdarach beach described by Ewan McGregor as "Possibly the best in the world". Local Hero was filmed here. Stunning views over to the isles of Eigg, Rum and Skye (you can see the Black Cuillin on a clear day), Knoydart and Loch Morar.
  15. carsos00

    wild Roe Deer (Scotland) used to sound from Phantom

    1st post on this forum Had my Phantom pro for about 6 weeks now and clocked up about 50 flights, anyway over the last 10 days or so I've been flying around an old disused race course (closed 1965) not far from where I live, plenty of open space and many people wondering around but what there...
  16. P

    Dundee - Scotland

    Hi there, Here is my latest video filmed yesterday in my home city Dundee - Scotland. I'm a Dundonian and I'm very proud of my... - Camsròn Sheáinbaile | Facebook Regards Cam
  17. P

    Glenshee Scotland - glorious sunshine on the last day of winter.

    Beautiful weather in Scotland this weekend. A short 1 hour drive from my home to Glenshee, allowed me to get some great shots of the Ski Centre, Glenshee and the fabulous hills that surround the glen. I have climbed them all, so I now love be able to see them from a different perspective. Enjoy...
  18. K

    Castles and Cliffs

    Little Edit 2 ancient castles both dating back to 1400's Far North of Scotland
  19. K

    Snowman Rally,Scotland

    A little bit of the 2016 Snowman Rally in the North of Scotland It was pretty windy but I caught a few cars passing Anyhow.....
  20. R

    Abergeldie Castle Storm Frank Damage

    First Post on here......I took some footage in Scotland of the River Dee and Abergledie Castle which was nearly washed away by the river in the recent Storm Frank.