Droid App, which ones best? Droid users only

Apr 26, 2015
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Mississippi Delta
Down to studying apps, quite confusing just the names being so similar even. I would like to know what you use with your android device as an app for FPV. I'm no super techie but can muddle along, of course I hope to have it all as user friendly as possible :rolleyes:.

I've tried 3 other apps on my P2v+. The two I like best are Ken's DJI Ultimate Flight and Brad's DJI Phantom Flight app.

If I had to vote right now, I'd go with DJI Phantom Flight app. It has the Follow Me mode and it works great. Another nice feature is that that the map and camera view are side by side and you can slide from left and right to change their size. It also has a WiFi booster in the app.

(the real win is to buy them both... you get two great apps to try and you support developers)

But Ken's DJI Ultimate Flight has a much better Ground Station set up. It very easy to set up and save a ground station set up before you fly. It also does banked turns in Ground Station which is very nice.

Ken states he's working on a much better Follow Me mode but I've not seen anything on this yet. Right now Brad is putting out a few more updates but nothing has been earth shattering.

Ken's DJI Ultimate Flight:

Brad's DJI Phantom Flight:

I'll mention that I also tried Taco's Vision Pilot but this was when it first came out and did not have my features. He's since added many updates but I've not gone back and looked at it since then. I think flynFrank has been doing some testing on this app:

I was going to link to a few videos but instead I'll just link to my Youtube channel and you can view any videos you'd like. There are several where I test out these apps.

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Thanks to both sdtag and tcope for ur replies. tcope especially thanks for the wording which makes it easier to remember whose is whose, and the video links. Looks like both these guys are seriously into their products better all the time and that definitely requires our support. This would lead me to believe you do not use DJI's app?

Thanks again.
I still use it sometimes when Ken's ap crashes or messes up. Once in a while I loose video on Ken's but if/when I can see it on the DJI ap, then go back to Ken's and it's there. I'm not sure whats up with that yet.
To be honest it is a little nerve racking when the ap crashes and my quad is 500 feet away. I haven't tried the other one that tcope mentioned but it looks like it has "point of interest" which is one of the things I am trying to achieve so I will probably buy it too.
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