Drift (with GPS) and squeaky rotor after fitting ImmersionRC and iOSD mini

One last question. Have you ever adjusted the gains or are they still in default?
One last question. Have you ever adjusted the gains or are they still in default?
They're still set to default - I've never adjusted them. Perhaps I'll go find a nice field, on a sunny day, with my laptop and try tweaking them. I've no BTU, yet (that's next on the purchase list)!
When I either am testing mine in the backyard it drifts all over but that is because of downdrafts updrafts and across winds but in an open field depending on the wind no movement at all. In winds of 20 mph the video is rock solid no matter what the wind is doing to the P2. Something to think about.
I also can report that mine drifts quite a bit in my back garden. Seems a bit more stable at about 12ft. I think like Heli's there is a certain amount of "Ground Effect" where the downwash recirculates back up and then down through the rotors. It also loses height if only a few feet up. Just been out in the garden with mine and my motors seemed to whistle or squeak also. Flies beautifully though and compared to my Trex Heli its a dream.
Cheers, guys!

I'll take it out somewhere where I'm able to test the stability a few metres in the air and see how I get on :)
So, I tried it out with the default gains and observed the wobbling (I wish I grabbed a video, but it was the same as my post from yesterday). I increased the 'Vertical Gain' (under the basic section) to 180% and I no longer see the vibrating/wobbling...

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I'll need to try it out a few times before I'll feel confident that it made any difference, but, fingers crossed :)

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