Do i Cancel With DJI

Do i cancel with DJI

  • Keep order with DJI direct and get sooner.

  • Cancel wait longer pay more and place order with UK dealer.

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Aug 29, 2014
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Lee. UK
I live in the UK and have ordered direct from DJI for a few reasons, 1st cos im impatient and not prepared to wait, 2nd to date all uk dealers have been told they are not being given the extra battery deal option. The massive and i mean massive problem im going to have is should something go wrong, because if it should and many P2 owners are hoping things will, then by law i will need to return my P3 to HK were it was delivered from. US buyers are ok and have a us returns for dji but in the uk our returns for faulty items from dji is HK. I have thought about this long and hard since my time of order on release night and contemplated cancelling my order with dji and waiting longer and placing another order with a uk dealer and paying extra when the battery's become available. This is something that is still on my mind and worrying me. If i cancel direct they will turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread i bet, but if i don't you can bet your bottom dollar the bad threads on here will start to pour in on arrivals of them with problems and people needing to return them. LOL
what you all think folks, keep order with dji or place order with uk dealer and wait.

Jacob if i have messed this poll up in any way then please step in and correct it. First poll sorry hope its correct.
I'm with you on this one. When I bought my P2V+ there was a problem with photos being blurred down the left hand side. Working with my UK dealer was easy and the repair happened really quick.

I'm order #174 from DJI and I'm considering cancelling for:

A) power output limited by software, so reduced distance flying. (Actually this may be false rumours because everything is on 2.4ghz which doesn't have that limit)
B) as you mentioned above, no local returns
C) potential issues with first batch

However I would have more success in selling my P2V+ now rather than later...

Will it be easy to cancel the order as they've already taken my money?
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I emailed them on friday and they said i had 1 to 2 weeks to decide if i wanted to cancel. I guess you will just email them with your name and order number asking to cancel for a refund, and if you used paypal you could contact them asking for a refund or your credit card company. Please tell me more about this power output limited by software, so reduced distance flying. You have given me another worry to my ever growing list of worrys.
I was on that live chat thing the other day on the dji website and asked were my returns would be and they said HK. Just seen the thread about power limet. not happy
I think (hope) power limit is just a rumour seeing as it only affected the 5Ghz channel. Only 2.4ghz on P3.
Yea they claim the distance on there website and all adds and they dont say depending in what country your in. I was thinking about the whole CE and FCC modes the otherday and wondering which mode mine would arrive set to. No im just hoping it can be changed should it needed to be.
I would always buy local. The company I bought my P2V from last July provided a fast and efficient delivery service and when the battery charger failed some weeks later, changed it without a moment's hesitation. Given all of the above, and the possible problems involved ordering directly from DJI, I decided it was better to stay with a tried and tested source of supply.
Yea i think i might switch, are taking pre orders now. Not buzzflyer tho and they who are i have got my phantoms from in the past. Had a issue with the battery wire and they replaced it them selves and sent it back to me, great after sales service but they are not taking orders for them.
After much deliberation last year, and after comparing all available information from different online companies, I ordered from This time around I did the same thing, with it being my intent to spread my hard earned pennies around a little. But, when all was considered, what swung it for me was their free postage offer, part of their package which no other company could apparently match.

I went for the combo deal, with a £40 reduction on the second battery, and I also apparently get a free T shirt and lanyard for the tx. It all sounds pretty good to me...
If you cancel with DJI direct do you just email them or ring them?
And what happens if they've already processed the credit card payment?
They will have, you will still just be able to cancel by email tho and they will refund, the refund would be held up tho by the credit card company them selves for up to 10 days, that is normal tho and nothing to worry about.
Have you considered Heliguy in Newcastle ? They are Repair AND Warranty center. You could get best of both worlds there. worth a quick call I guess.
I can add that I personally recommend them after buying 2 birds and visiting them in person.
Cheers, just had a quick search round now and there all doing the extra battery offer. I was only told on Friday the UK were not getting the extra battery deal so seems things have changed which is good. Cheers
On the Heliguy website they say:-

"We are an authorized Tier 1 Distributor for DJI Innovations. We can deal with all warranty and repairs. We have two full time technicians and 4 inbound telephone lines for support Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm GMT."

So when I read warranty I assume it means DJI warranty - I will ring tomorrow to check.
Yea it will be very reassuring if they carry out the warranty repairs on birds bought from dji direct. Let me know as soon as you hear anything which will lead to my final decision as to cancel my order direct or not. Cheers fourblade.

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