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DJI Wishlist

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by DrJoe, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. DrJoe

    Apr 13, 2014
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    WIth all the tech that is already out there, I'd love to see DJI include some of this on their next version multi-rotor.

    What I want from a future DJI multi-copter:

    #1: Redundancy: If a motor or ESC fails, a Phantom will plummet to the ground. Incorporating an algorithm for allow control in the case of motor/esc failure (which exists) could be implemented. While the spin rate required to maintain control may damage the gimbal or camera, it would preserve the multi-copter and prevent ground strikes. The high spin rate required may damage gimbals, so design of a 6 arm Phantom should be a priority for motor/esc redundancy.

    #2: Robust camera/gimbal: A common problem is a light crash that causes massive damage to the camera and gimbal assembly. Perhaps a more robust gimbal/camera guard integrated into the landing gear. In addition, replaceable or swappable gimbal/camera parts should be available at a reasonable cost. The ribbon cable on the Phantom 2 Vision Plus is far too fragile, as is the shaft attaching the camera to the gimbal.

    #4: Collision avoidance: with the prevalence of drones increasing, the use of some type of collision avoidance is needed. A small ADS-B transmitter and receiver coupled with an imminent collision algorithm would make flying multi-copters much safer and visible to all aircraft as well as each other. Small ADS-B receivers and transmitters exist and would add only @$500 to the cost.

    #4: Higher frame-rate, low light camera: An option for a higher quality swappable camera would be desirable.

    #5: Ground station “swarm” ability: Allow the use of a ground station computer (laptop/tablet) to manage the coordinated flight of several drones with algorithms for grid photography, grid search, aerobatic or pattern flight, and coordinated flight and landing.

    What are your thoughts/additions ?
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