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  1. Evandro Damasceno

    May 1, 2016
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    Let me say my bad dream that start since I've bought a Phantom 4.

    I bought it and at first place upgrade Aircraft and RC.

    What I've got is:

    1. No image at all
    2. Overall Status says "Firmware is of latest version" "Abnormal" "Aircraft Encoder Error"
    3. No signal


    1. Aircraft responds perfctlly, tilt camera, start engines, respond to RC (tried with no propelers)
    2. The only problem is the Aircraft Encoder Error + Abnormal + No image. Those problems are stucking me and I can't fly, Actually has 3 weeks I've bought and I didn't even did a one single flight!

    I've being digging over forum, internet, everything...from that I found out that I need to upgrade new firmware at Aircraft FISRT then upgrade the RC. I did that million times, following stricty the procedures from DJI and people how fixed this problem. Still no good

    But the biggest problem of that is I can't send this back to the dealer because I've bought in another country since in Brazil there isn't oficial dealer. Taking to the seller online he told I've might send this back and maybe an error upgrading might burn the camera board. WHAT????? Let's say someone fails the upgrade (not saying that this was my case) and has a probabillity to brick the camera??? If that is truth, can I say DJI is trustble?? Not at ALL. I've seem more people with similar problem, some got fix, some don't but the fact is I'm stuck, I paid expensive price for a BRICK. DJI support online, I don't know what to say, people here knows.

    I need something I can try to do at home.

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    #1 Evandro Damasceno, May 19, 2016
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  2. bbfpv

    Feb 3, 2015
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    Long Island, NY
    No you can't brick your phantom with a FW upgrade. People have inadvertently tried on numerous occasions over the past year or so. So that's not the problem. Unfortunately there's no way you can fix the encoder issue yourself. Since the bird's been behaving this way since you bought it, the only recourse you have is to send it back under warranty.
  3. Colin Eglington

    Apr 22, 2016
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    DJI poor customer services and intransigence causes their customers to be reluctant to approach them and ultimately pay the price ---- why?

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