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Basic Gains - defaults too high, caused oscillation

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by loganboyd, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. loganboyd

    Dec 26, 2013
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    Austin, TX
    I have a new Phantom 2 v2 with H4-3D and GoPro H4B. My Basic Gains for Pitch and Roll were set at the default 140. I was trying to get some testing done to make sure my video is jello free. I just swapped out the stock lens for the 5.4mm one and I know it's more prone to jello and vibration due to the longer focal length.
    I flew the P2 up to eye level and observed a terrible shaking which was translating to a high frequency vibration on the gimbal. Needless to say the video was awful. I have a rod to balance the self tightening props so I got that out and went through 2 full sets of props and got them balanced. I put them back on the P2 trying all 8 props out and the wobble was still awful.
    Then it hit me, this isn't a balanced prop thing this is oscillation from high gains settings.
    I connected my laptop and put the Pitch and Roll down to 125 and tried again. It was better but still a lot of oscillation. I changed them down to 110 and thought i could still detect some wobble. I put them down to 95 and the wobble was gone. Since I had used small pieces of scotch tape to adjust the weight distribution on the props, I had already pulled off the tape when that didn't work and ordered a Du-Bro balancer to use with my balancing rod. (hasn't arrived yet).
    With only modifying the Pitch and Roll down to 95 and the props back to original state, I tested again and the video was fine. It was rather windy and in gps atti mode the P2 definitely had some twitchy motion to try and stay in place but the gimbal took care of that and the video looked really good. No jello, even in bright sun (using ND filter) at 2.7K 60p and 4K 30p.
    I did bump the basic gains back up a bit to around 102. I think i will try them at 110 to 115 and see if I notice any oscillation return.
    Sorry for the long story but does anyone have any similar experience? I had flown several flights at firmware ver 3.08 and did not notice any oscillation with default gains. Could v3.12 have introduced this? Have you lowered your Basic Gains to assist with smoother video? How low have you put them?
  2. freeskier989

    Jul 18, 2014
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    Newport Beach, CA
    Yes you are not alone same thing with the H3 and H4. See here: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXmaeiY8UMg[/youtube]

    I was getting this as well until i adjusted my gains as mentioned in the comments.
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