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Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by phantommenace, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. phantommenace

    Jun 3, 2013
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    I crashed my Phantom into a tree yesterday and since, whenever powering on, it still makes the same start-up sound as when it is functioning normally, but just cycles RED GREEN YELLOW endlessly on repeat.

    Whilst in this state, I can start a compass calibration by toggling the GPS switch on the transmitter back and forth 10 times, making the RED GREEN YELLOW cycle turn to constant YELLOW as you would expect, and after turning it in a circle, the yellow light turns to a constant GREEN light as you would expect. However, when turning it in a circle the second time with the tail facing upwards, instead of the green light flashing to show that the compass calibration has completed, it just remains on constant GREEN (no flashing) and the Phantom does not do anything else. I have even tried taking off with it in this state but it behaves completely irratically and flies off sideways and will not lift in a straight line upwards so I am not going to try that again!

    I plugged the Phantom into my PC and the NAZA-M V2 software (v2.12) says "ERROR 25: IMU initialization failure. May be caused by crash". Sounds about right! So I performed an IMU status check under 'Tools', which says READY, then did a basic calibration and an advanced calibration. After this the figures in the IMU calibration section read:

    Gyroscope (degree/s)
    X -1.9 Y 0.7 Z -0.7 MOD 2.1

    X 0.00 Y 0.00 Z -1.00 (Before calibration, this said ERROR) MOD 1.00

    Compass (raw)
    X -32 Y 106 Z 297 MOD 1504.4

    Once this is complete, the ERROR 25 message remains and when I disconnect the Phantom and attempt a flight again, I get the endless RED GREEN YELLOW sequence again. Something is obviously damaged. The software tells me to return the Phantom to my dealer / DJI. Is this really the only course of action? Can any knowledgeable Phantom flyers tell me what I need to do / what is likely to need replacing and what parts I will need and whether I can do the repair myself? I've already had to replace the body shell once after a much smaller crash when it was new...

    Many thanks for any help! Much appreciated.
  2. mercillus

    Apr 11, 2013
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    Leander, Texas USA
    is this the one that requires slapping the unit to reset it? Wish I could get to youtube from work but you might can find a quick vid on it.
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