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I've been practicing flying low to the ground at full speed with my Phantom 3 standard, ~6 inches off the ground to be exact! I've been getting some great asin shots of flying smoothly across the ground, and then doing quick turns at full speed. Also I fly along side and in front of my brother when he rides his bike, and that makes some cool video! You guys should try it! #DISCLAIMER: IT IS RISKY! But the videos you will get will be worth it! What I did is I started flying around around 2 feet off the ground, then after a few weeks of practice, I got closer and closer to the ground, and now I graze the ground around 6 inches. It's exhilarating, and the videos are stunning! It is so odd to see video shot at ground level that is perfectly smooth, at 35 mph over rough ground! You have to try it. It's awesome.
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