A-mode and RTH

Oct 7, 2014
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Dutch Caribbean
Page 26 of the manual: "
A-mode (Attitude): GPS and Vision Positioning System are not used for stabilization. The aircraft uses
only its barometer to stabilize. The aircraft can automatically return to the Home Point if remote controller
signal is lost and the Home Point was recorded successfully."

How can the P3 RTH when GPS is lost. Doesn't you need GPS to determine direction and position ?
Feb 3, 2015
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Long Island, NY
It can't. You're misreading that phrase. In A mode, GPS isn't used to maintain it's position, but it's still active.
Apr 21, 2014
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Upstate NY
If you recorded a home point properly before you took off and if flying in atti it just dont use the gps to hold its position. But if you look on the map you will still see the phantom moving on the map. So it will still know were its at at all times and also would know which way is home if it goes in to return to home. Even in atti mode and you lose signal or put it in to return to home it will go out of atti mode and come back.

One thing I really like on the p3s rth to is you can still also control it while its in RTH. Tho I have noticed you can also fly it away from the home point while its coming home so be careful not to get it farther out by mistake. But if you take your hands off the sticks it will still go back to making a bee line home.

and one thing that sort of scared the crap out of me was the first time I went out of radio and video range and tried to put it in to rth just in-case it didn't do it automatically when it lost signal. I hit the button on the control and also tried to swipe the rth thing on the screen and it said return to home fail. OH NO! I thought. as im dreading that its going to end up being a search for my new p3 a mile out from me. WAY scary. BUT no it was just a false panic because it did finely did come back. and when I looked on the video after. It went in to rth right over the last spot I seen on the video feed before I lost signal completely.

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