4K Footage in FCPX: Color Correction and Quality issues

May 4, 2017
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Hello everyone!

I mistakenly posted it initially in P4 discussion, so switching here :)

I have two points on the topic (also posted on Apple community to have some FCPX guys advice):

1. I work on footage from Phantom 4 PRO which is in 4K 30fps, recorded in Standard profile. When I work with proxy files, color corrections look good in preview and after rendering. Once I switch from proxy to original media file, my color corrections are not applied the same way - values in Inspector are the same, but visual look in preview is not anymore. It's not raw, but also not processed the way I saw it in proxy mode. When I drag 'dots' in inspector, live preview shows good colors, but once I release the mouse button and let it render, color in preview changes to not what I intended.

Also, working with Luma videoscopes, it is behaving strangely. Luma is already showing clipping of both highlights and blacks, while results visible in preview are barely changed. Highlights are already moved to +50 or more, but changes in preview are reduced after render.

That is all happening only for full media, not proxy - in Proxy colors and Luma look ok and behave as expected. In same project I also have 4K files from Olympus EM1 mk II, but I don't have such issues with them.

2. After export Phantom 4 PRO parts look a bit 'pixelized' on my Retina display. Olympus parts are perfectly crispy. All exported with original media files, not proxy. I wonder if Phantom 4 PRO 4K video quality is so much worse, processing was to agressive, or my P4P has some issues...

Thanks a lot for any ideas!


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