color correction

  1. Keith Mitchell

    Help me improve my video quality!

    OK, I'm just going to upload this extremely humble, unedited video and ask for guidance. I know that it will help me to learn, and maybe a few others will learn too. I'm going to start doing real estate videos soon (got my Part 107) and trying to experiment to learn the best settings, but it's...
  2. Green Phantom

    Improve your videos to make them look Great!

    This video shows you how to improve on your video footage to make it look great with this step by step tutorial. I cover the feature Colour Correction in more depth.
  3. J

    This will change the way you color your drone footage

    In-depth tutorial of the new color wheels feature in Final Cut Pro 10.4!
  4. STGill

    Color tone questions

    I've noticed the P4 Pro camera has some wild shifts in it's color perception. Sometimes there is an orange tint to everything. Some photos and a video like attached for illustration. All were shot at the same place and time of day. It was very bright, pretty much high noon, and I had an ND...
  5. Henrik Olsen

    Easy color grading like a PRO

    In this tutorial, you can see how easy you can color grade your footage with LUT’s in Davinci Resolve 14 and make it look like it’s made by a PRO. It made for Mavic, but the same principle applies for Phantoms as well.
  6. M

    4K Footage in FCPX: Color Correction and Quality issues

    Hello everyone! I mistakenly posted it initially in P4 discussion, so switching here :) I have two points on the topic (also posted on Apple community to have some FCPX guys advice): 1. I work on footage from Phantom 4 PRO which is in 4K 30fps, recorded in Standard profile. When I work with...
  7. M

    P4 PRO 4K Footage in FCPX: Color Correction and Quality issues

    Hello everyone! I have also asked in Apple Community, but though it will be good to ask Phantom community as well :) I have two points on the topic 1. I work on footage from Phantom 4 PRO which is in 4K 30fps, recorded in Standard profile. When I work with proxy files, color corrections look...
  8. B

    Opinion on Drone Pictures?

    Hey everybody on the phantompilots forum! This is my first post and I was wondering whether you could give your opinion on one of my drone pictures. I am a very new pilot, I have only flown about 7-10 times. This picture was taken on my DJI phantom 3 advanced, which I got for christmas. It was...
  9. fhagan02

    Best Camera Settings & Color Profiles | P4 Pro

    Hope this helps some folks out....
  10. J

    Color Grading DLOG on the Phantom 4 Pro - Thoughts?

  11. J

    Color Finale 4K Sample Footage - Final Cut Pro X

  12. J

    My first how-to video!

  13. NotARubicon

    Finally Got My Color Settings Right

    Since I got my P3A I have not been happy with the color I've been getting out of the video. Since all the online "experts" say I MUST shoot in D-Log, I tried that first. I'm a photographer and always shoot in RAW so I figured it's pretty much the same.. But no matter how much (or little) color...
  14. Man And Drone

    Tutorials - How to Colour Grade Your Drone Footage like a Pro

    Hey Guys and Gals respectively ;) I have some video tutorials for you. I know settings for the P3 and Inspire X3 have been covered quite a bit already.. but none really with more detailed rationalle for ND filters.. well none I can find anyway. Also my latest tutorial covers how to colour...
  15. fhagan02

    Color correcting tutorial using subscriber submissions

    Something fun. On my next Phantom color correction and grading tutroial I'm choosing at least 3 shots submitted by subscribers. Thought it would be fun to do a step by step color correction tutorial using subscribers footage. Eveyone chosen will get full credits in the video tutorial. See video...
  16. fhagan02

    A great trick to make your sky POP in post!