1. A

    P4 Firmware How to update DJI drone firmware

    DJI provides firmware updates on a regular basis to improve the functionality, reliability, and user experience of its devices. If you’ve recently purchased a new DJI drone, you should be aware that the manufacturer highly advises updating firmware as soon as possible. When a new firmware update...
  2. cheddarman

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

    If you look through this, and other Phantom 3 forums, what is the most common complaint / post calling for help? HINT: "My drone was working fine, I have just done a firmware update and now my drone won't connect to my RC - I get an ESC error - I can't see my camera view etc etc". In my humble...
  3. M

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 pro firmware won't update

    Dear Phantom Pilots, Help needed! I try to update my Phantom 3 pro. It fails as following: - I am using last firmware version P3X_FW_V01.11.0020.bin on micor SD - I start the drone to update, the normal process starts - but after 5 minutes of regular normal bip-bip-bip, it turns into...
  4. S

    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
  5. B

    Firmware update** need help

    So, I've updated all my equipment. I actually did this right when the new update came out.. So, as it has in the past; the firmware did something to my hardware. First time it broke my camera. This time my controller will not control anything on the drone. I've tried re-linking..re-installing...
  6. T

    P4P - Are we going to see another update?

    Just wanna hear all your thoughts to be honest. its pretty obvious that DJI have forgotten about the phantom series of drones, even though id say there still one of the best drones they produce, maybe not as portable as the mavics but I still love mine. I just want them to give them a little...
  7. B

    Cannot link p3p to remote

    I bought a second hand dji phantom 3 pro and when i turn the rc on it glows with red light. When i try to link the rc to the drone my phone says "remote controller signal weak" but i can put the rc into link mode. However my p3p just blinks 2 green and does nothing when i press the button on the...
  8. M

    Offline maps on P4+ - since update

    Hi everyone, since the update to V01.04.01.00 How can you store offline maps? I'm going away internationally with the P4+ and there will be no internet where I'm going. thank you
  9. N


    could someone help with update. i updated and it said update was complete and now i cant seem to get my gps to work. is there a thread or can someone help me.
  10. Steve_in_DE

    Updating Litchi in app store, not getting latest version?

    I have had Litchi since almost the beginning. It lives on my ipad and my Samsung phone (yes I bought both platforms). I recently updated Litchi on my ipad via the app store, but I am not clear that I got a newer version. I now have v2.2. Is that the latest? If not do I need to buy it again...
  11. G

    P3S, RC stuck on FW 1.7.90, CANNOT UPDATE, STUCK ON 1.7.90

    Hi guys, I never once had a problem with my P3S up until its recent 1.9.20 update. I updated via wifi and everything seemed to check out ok. After updating I tried to do a flight but I could not get the AC to connect to the remote. Link indicator lights were both red on the AC and the RC. Tried...
  12. M

    Phantom 4 can't update last version

    Hello everyone. I have the P4 and can not update to the latest version. In the DJI Assistant 2 it does the download but shows error when updating. Is there somewhere place I can download the fimwares? Maybe make downgrade. How do you suggest updating?? Thanks
  13. A

    DJI firmware update with Sequoia camera?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to do the firmware update with out the factory camera installed on the drone? The Sequoia has a card slot but I'm not sure if the update would work through a camera not made by DJI. Can the udate be done through the mini usb on the drone?
  14. P

    P3S FW Update error: [07 00][00] device not detected.

    Hello guys, I bought my P3S in december last year. With the latest firmmware, I had big video transmitting issues, so I decided to downgrade my firmware again. I started from 1.09.2--> 1.08.01, and the laggy video feed instantly went away. Because I heard that the 1.05.07 version would cause...
  15. G

    Drone Harmony v0.8 released

    Dear Phantom-Pilots, we are happy to announce another update to the Drone Harmony - Professional Mission planner for DJI drones (Android only). Here is an overview on the new features (illustrated release notes at http://droneharmony.com/release-notes.html): 1. New launch dialog with dynamic...
  16. Z

    Update Keeps Failing

    Hello All, I bought my Phantom 3 professional back in its early release. Shortly after my purchase I moved. Not until today have I had a chance to do any updates on it. And in this process I have been having issues. Fist I updated the App, Then through the app I could do some updates, which I...

    After updates, no signal from camera to RC. Flies good. Help

    Downloaded most recent updates today and after I restarted both drone and RC, I have a "NO SIGNAL" message upper left corner. No image transmission but it flies fine. Is there something that could have come disconnected (by coincidence at the same time) Thanks for your insight.
  18. F

    Phantom 4 and 4 Pro Battery

    We know that we have to update the battery firmware. We know that battery from Phantom 4 fits on Phantom 4 Pro. My question is: the battery firmware used on Phantom 4 is diferent from firmware used to update Phantom 4 Pro's battery? If so we have to have battery for each on of them separatly...
  19. P

    Newby question. New Battery on Phantom 4 pro

    I believe I saw somewhere that on using a new battery for the first time I need to do something on the control. Is that correct?
  20. D

    P4P+ update for Pano

    Hi DJI or anybody else in the know I'm really unhappy with DJI for the disappointing treatment I'm getting for being a loyal supporter of a P4P+. Unless I've missed something we have still to receive the Panorama update while iphone and Android owners have already had it for about a month...