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    SOLD: Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, CrystalSky 7.85” Screen, lots of extras $1650

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 with propellers and extra battery DJI Charging Hub with space for 3 batteries. DJI ND filters (4, 8, 16) Power Cord for charging hub, Remote, CrystalSky charging hub CyrstalSky (CS785) 7.85" screen with CrystalSky Remote Controller Mounting Bracket and screen...
  2. S

    SOLD Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Bundle

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 3 flight batteries Smart charging hub 2 sets of low noise props Polar Pro Vivid series (ND/PL 4,8,16) ND 1000 filter DJI Lanyard Micro SD card 64 gb and 16 gb + adapter iPad sun guard Nanuk 950 case Polar pro gimbal lock Refresh+ bought 7/28/2019 $1700 OBO
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    No Liveview - Broken component on Mainboard - Black covered piece (Crystal/ Quratz?)

    Hello everyone QUESTIONs: What is the broken Part? Where can I find the replacement part? Context and background information: Last year I crashed my P3P into a tree... My gimbal broke into pieces and I had to repair it. The Drone works again, can fly, has a functional gimbal and can record...
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    Phantom 4 pro super kit

    huge phantom 4 pro kit, comes with everything show V1 phantom 4 pro remote cleaning kit 3 battery hub charger landing pad props polar pro 3xfilter backpack original box motor caps 4 batteries only has 5hrs of flight and less then 32 flights, bought it for a family vacation then it stayed in...
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    After a failed software upgrade phantom is bricked, HELP PLEASE

    So I have looked up all and every forum and tried almost every solution i can find but I didn't find a solution yet. So i'm wandering if anyone has had a similar thing happen and have fixed it or know the cause of the issue. So here are the details: It's a phantom 3 pro, was running FW...
  6. L

    Video randomly glitches

    I feel like my youtube channel is starting to become nothing but videos of what's wrong with the Phantom 4 pro v2.0. The drone is quite disappointing considering the price, and with the Mavic 2 pro now out, on craigslist there's nothing but people abandoning ship before the 4pro is worthless...
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    DJI phantom 3 pro won’t connect to the app

    So I’ve experienced the infamous (controller connects to the drone but does not connect to the app) issue. I’ve done ALL of the troubleshooting options that DJI gave me. I’m thinking that the issue is in the usb board on the back of the controller. I ordered and new board on amazon. I think it’s...
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    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 FCC forze

    Hi, I have a P4P v2.0 and I'm from Europe. I've noticed that in the dji APP it only works in 2.4. Is there any solution to this already? I have tried to use fake gps on android without success.
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    Phantom 4 Pro plus with 3 batteries

    Good day all, I am selling my P4P+ retail package. Mint condition and very clean unit. I am including 2 sets of brand new props. I bought another set for use and kept the original ones sealed. Foam pad from plastic sleeve of the remote is also transferred to the remote surface to keep the...
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    Phantom 4 pro 2.0 not connection to ground station pro app

    I purchased a phantom 4 pro 2.0 to use for flyovers for measuring stockpiles. The drone will not connect to the ground station pro app. Does anyone know if the app is compatible with the 2.0 and if not when the updates will be made so it can connect?
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    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro link with rc fail, firmware?

    Phantom 3 Pro Good morning, I get in touch with you because I do not know what to do anymore. I tell you: the drone fell, not of a high altitude, if a couple of pieces related to the gimbal came out, that I could recover and reassemble, after that, I was able to fly 2 or 3 more times until it...
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    First flight with the DJI Phantom 4

    Hey guys... I just added a DJI Phanotm 4 to my fleet. Here is a video of my first flight
  13. C

    Phantom 3 Pro w/ 2 Batteries

    Selling like new P3P with extra DJI battery. I have flown quad very very little and never wrecked or even had a rough landing. I have the original box and all accessories plus a few extra props. I have a 3D printed extender for the remote and have removed the lower two foam pads to fit my 10"...
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    Running through wine country

    After Thanks Giving dinner a few weeks ago I coaxed sarah into going for a run while i chsed her arount with the drone. What do you think? Love it? hate It? let me know
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    Firmware Update has really messed up my Drone... Help :/

    Firstly it important to understand I am not a noob and have done an awful lot to try to rectify the issues I am getting at the moment since I upgraded last week... 1) The first big change was a black camera view when going on the DJI Go App before 4. Basically what is happening is I boot up...
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    Gimbal violently vibrates

    Recently I crashed my drone. Into a tree and it fell in a pond. I got it back to working condition by replacing the OFDM Module and the Ribbon cable for the gimbal along with re-calibrating the gimbal motors. I noticed a heavy jello effect ( (I took...
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    Drone splits recorded video into 5 minute clips but there is always 1 second missing

    Drone splits recorded video into 5 minute clips but there is always 1 second missing when I download the video. So I press record, take off, record say a 15 min 4K video, download the clip into my iPhone, but it’s saved on the micro SD in 5:30 min clips. When I arrange them in order on iMovie...
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    HDMI Module ports

    Evenin' All I'm looking for a bit of instant wisdom and knowledge. I have recently purchased the HDMI output module for my Phantom 4 Pro (to allow the use of clean video in DJI Goggles) and I am puzzled by one of the ports on it. I can spot the HDMI port (obviously) and also a full-size USB...
  19. K

    Phantom 4 Pro Package

    Testing the waters here to see if anyone is interested. I’m looking to sell my Phantom 4 Pro because of lack of use. I bought it for a year long road trip across the United States, but so far I’ve found myself focusing on other projects. Details as follows: Phantom 4 Pro - Purchased new from...
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    Mavic Pro Crashes into Atlantic Ocean

    So I purchased a DJI Mavic Pro on Friday. I got it for vacation with my daughters and wife at the beach. I took a number of flights. I decided to test the 4 mile range. I was super pumped as I hit four miles, but on the return flight, the wind picked up and... the drone crash landed about a half...