Had a nice deer encounter some days ago

Dec 28, 2015
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Was out to fly after weeks of high wind and bad flying conditions when the weather finally got wind free. Then i saw a deer lusking in some high grass 300m away. I was thinking about flying towards it at the first sight. But i was not expecting to get a shot as the last time i was going to fly and get some deer shots they runned away but it was only one of them at the current time. So i was going to give another try this time.

I started flying towards it with altitude of around 20m-30m, made sure to put the gopro on record before flying. I used my Eachine VR-007 FPV glasses as usual. When i got closer i reached 300m distance with stil a clear signal. Now i could see the deer clearly. At first when it saw me it jumped into the grass but stopped at once. I could see that it was trying to listen for me. I moved closer and got as close as 2m-4m and it was stil standing there. I started laughing because i expected it to run away even before reaching 10m distance. It then jumped once more away and stopped again to stare clueless at me. I did some 360s around it and then left to my own position to stop the recording. One of my funniest flights so far. Felt like a once in a while experience. Im stil waiting for some moose to show up. Which also happens a few times around here. But it hasn't happened since i got my phantom2.

A VLC Screenshot from the video.

Here is my facebook video of it. The tittle is Norwegian if anyone want to know.
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