SOLD Phantom 4 Pro V2 Complete Operating Package $1800

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Apr 5, 2020
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I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2 complete package I'm selling. I prefer to sell it all together to reduce the hassle of multiple payers and multiple shipments. I bought this to travel out west and used it on one trip. I've had a detached retina in both eyes, so I'm getting out of drone flying.
I've flown it multiple times around my property and took it on 1 trip out west and shot some good videos. It did have a minor crash into my brothers roof - but the only damage was that the plastic cover over one of the nav lights popped off. It ended up in a shrub which broke the fall I assume.
Everything is in excellent, like new condition - I would rate it as equivalent to new as it has pretty minimal flight hours.

1 DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 w/Remote Controller
3 DJI Phantom 4 Pro Batteries
1 DJI FPV 1080p Goggles
1 khanka FPV Goggle Hardcase
1 Manfrotto MB-BP-D1 Backpack Case for Drone, remote, batteries, accessories w/weatherproof cover
1 Neewer Lens Filter set for drone camera
1 Thor Super Charger for 3 batteries simultaneous charging and remote charging
1 12VDC Car Charger for 3 batteries simultaneous charging along with remote charging
1 Landing Pad
4 Sets of propellers + 1 used set

Here's an URL to the YouTube videos I edited on my trip out west. The 'Valley of the Gods' and the 'Arizona 191' Highway are the drone videos.

About the car charger - I built this myself (I'm a retired Electrical Engineer). If you charge multiple batteries at once, the current required is rather high. You should connect this charger directly to your cars battery. A typical 12V power port on a vehicle is not sufficient for the amount of power required. It is fan cooled charger and therefore needs adequate ventilation also. I've used it a few times - it's a godsend when traveling.
I couldn't handle the concept of using an 120VAC invertor with a charger for this - starting with 12VDC and converting that to 120VAC and then converting that to 17.4VDC. This car charger uses 4 independent 12VDC to 17.4VDC boost convertors. The convertors are voltage controlled and current limited.

I'll be uploading pics soon - there is an upload problem (I added 10 pics, then deleted them to reorder them and now it says I can only upload 10 even though I have none uploaded)

I'm near Charlotte NC

Updated to add price - in subject line. Based on original cost and ones I see sold on eBay, that seems like a really good deal with googles, case, 2 chargers, and extra battery included


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I ended up getting a P4A but this is a good deal. A P4P V2 bundle on Amazon is going for $2,700 and it doesn't have all the stuff this one does. It looks like the P4 is going to be around a long time since batteries and other parts will be available.
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