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  1. T

    Phantom 3 pro strange noise and not connecting

    Hello, I just got this phantom 3 pro from my neighbor. he gave it to me so i can check what problems it has and see if a ican fix it, and then we can set a price. He got a new Mavic so he just want to get rid of the P3 pro. He told me that the controller cannot communicate with the drone...
  2. S

    P3 Pro Needs New ESC Center Board

    I have a P3 Pro which I have flown about 50 times and which worked flawlessly until I crashed it recently. It had never been opened until I cut the decals and dissassembled it today. The crash pushed the flight controller through the center of the board and broke the solder connections. I see...
  3. F

    Bad battery

    New Phantom owner. I just bought a used P3 pro from a friend of mine and the battery is NG. Can I buy a P4 battery for it and use that or do I need to buy just P3 batteries? App your input. Thank you.
  4. lnh2424

    Flight Speed

    I was flying in ATTI mode to test the capabilities of my P3 pro and was wondering if 176 mph was too much or if wind and lots of other things would make it go, or something like the app or GPS is messed up
  5. B

    Two Used Phantom3 Batteries For Sale $75 ea.

    I have two used original DJI P3 Batteries I had been saving but decided to sell. Not sure of the number of cycles on each but should be between 20 and 30 at most. I will plug them in to my P3 at work and check on it tomorrow. They are in great shape, no crashes, not swollen, or damaged. Asking...
  6. TheoGraphics

    SOLD: Phantom 3 Pro, 3 Batteries, Manfrotto Backpack, Filters, etc

    Hey Guys, I'm selling my Phantom 3 Pro, which includes: Phantom 3 Professional in good working order Manfrotto DJI Backpack in like-new condition 3 DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries DJI Battery Charger 6 Propellers DJI Remote Control with tablet clamp USB cable for tablet connection Original box...
  7. B

    Replace P3 DJI Backpack Insert with P4 Insert?

    I really love my DJI hardshell P3 backpack I have for my Phantom 3 Pro, but now have a P4 and want the same one. I am not a fan of the new soft inserts in the DJI P4 backpack. I know there are a lot of after market P4 Harshell backpacks that look like they have the same dimensions as the...
  8. J

    Complete P3 Pro Bundle with 4 batteries & Nanuk Case! $850 shipped

    I am selling this entire bundle. Included is a mint condition phantom 3 professional with 4K camera, 4 smart batteries, heavy duty Nanuk waterproof case with custom molding for everything inside, upgraded aluminum iPad mount for controller, authentic DJI tablet hood for controller, removable...
  9. SkyRenderMedia

    Help! Piece Fell Off

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a P3 Pro. Today, I was trying to take the micro sd card out and the gimbal lock slapped off. No big deal right? Well, I noticed a very small rubber tubing looking piece that had come off and cannot figure out where it goes to put it back on. Hoping someone...
  10. Zorro

    Compiliation of 2016 in Norway - what do you think?

    Shots from January till Desember in 2016. Filmed with with P3 Pro. Would love some input on what you think i could improve on, or things you like to focus on when you film.
  11. J

    Phantom 3 Professional w/xtras 800.00

  12. Cshore4

    Digital Concepts 3 piece gold series filter kit outer rim question

    I purchased a set of screw on filters , once installed the outer rim can still turn around, it has 2 dots on the face. Is there a certain position these dots should be in? Should the outer rim be able to turn after installed on the P3pro? Lens kit is digital concepts 3 piece gold series ND4...
  13. W

    Greetings from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Hi there, I'm new here and want to contribute this forum with my present and future experience. Just bought a P3 pro and hope to make some awesome photos and videos
  14. KB_Colorado

    P3 Pro Photos - Need Opinions on Photo Quality

    Hello Forum, I am concerned that the camera on my P3 Pro is out of adjustment, but I don't have a baseline for comparison. I have usually shot videos and the quality looked acceptable, never really took photos, just video. I could really use your help / opinion on the photos and camera...
  15. D

    P3 Pro gimbal wobble and jerk

    I was out flying yesterday and a problem that happened once in a while started happening more often. Every so often my gimbal suddenly jerks down and to the left. It happened a lot yesterday, and this was the first time I was using the polar pro filters. I've read other posts on this issue...
  16. Droneted

    P3 Pro for sale

  17. N

    P3 Pro Battery Signal Error

    I have a P3 Pro and last week was mapping one of our corn fields with it using the app DroneDeploy. The field is about 150 acres, so I had to use all 3 of my batteries. I went through my first 2 with no problems and then stuck in my 3rd one. It was not working, so I went into the DJI GO app...
  18. UKFlyer

    Phantom P3 Pro with backpack, extra battery.Offers UK.

    I've decided its time to sell my P3 Pro with backpack and extra battery. I battery has around 30 flights and the other about 25. My only reason for selling is that i don't find the time to fly anymore, never had any problems with anything and every flight has been perfect. Feel free to Read my...
  19. B

    live streaming app, looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive offers an app allowing live streaming from your android device and P3/P4/Inspire drone to our site, www.skytubelive.com. We'll be adding an iOS version soon, as well as a professional version of the app that will allow you to stream to sites other than our own. We'll be...
  20. T

    Need help with no video to iPad or android phone

    ok I have a p3pro and it crashed unexpectedly I believe from a faulty battery. How ever when it come down it broke the connector on the board that the camera and the antennas plugs into . I have replaced that and now I can take pic. And video and save it to the sd card and it is fine but I get...