1. D

    I made a Part 107 Pilot density map by State and County, see how your area stacks up.

    Here's a link to the images for the state and county data: Part 107 Pilots by State and County The pilot data is from the FAA and the values have been normalized to the county and state population data from the US census. The pilot data is from 1/1/2018. Maybe not surprisingly, but areas with...
  2. Norweigan

    The map on my iPad Air is gone. (!)

    "Problem solved" I uninstalled the software (DJI Go 4) and reinstalled on my iPad Air Hi guys! I have a DJI Phantom 4 that until now has worked satisfactorily up to today. I was going to fly a routine trip, so I see the map is not on the screen. I'm using an iPad Air 2 LTE 128GB. I have an iPad...
  3. T

    Map not showing up in DJI Go app on my iPad mini

    For the past 2 years my DJI Go app has been working very well on my iPad Mini (most recent model for the past year). In the last couple weeks the map has vanished. I'm at home and connected to Wi-fi. When I open the app and select Camera, the map in the corner remains gray and the scale changes...
  4. Norweigan


    Hi guys! Can anyone explain why the map in Litchi is so much sharper than DJI Go? They certainly use different map providers. Why can not DJI use the same provider as Litchi. Does anyone know which DJI page I can address with this question? Personally, I think this draws down the impression of...
  5. Nicrophone


    Any body know if DJI has released price points for the M200?
  6. David Cooke

    NRC Interactive Map - Prohibited Zones - CANADA

    This the BEST and most useful summary I've found for Canada. It's "government issue" . . and seems to be pretty accurate . . even including national parks and seaport zones . . very easy to find the info you need. UAV Site Selection Tool - National Research Council Canada It's all of Canada...
  7. B

    Map not showing up

    Just got a Phantom 4 Pro+ and can't get the map to show up. I'm on WiFi at home.
  8. Carl1770

    Track on map not showing

    Good Morning All I prepped the P4 yesterday for a local flight. The bird handled perfectly but I noticed the arrow which normally follows/creates? the track refused to move and remained stubbornly over my take off point. As I often fly in heavily wooded terrain, I rely on this navaid quite a...
  9. D

    GPS problem

    Hi I sent my p3 std back for repairs for damaged imu. They fixed it and sent it back. Now it won't start. It all seems to connect, and I get the camera view, but the rotors won't spin. The camera can be controlled up and down. The gps thing in the app shows 9+ satellites but when I look at the...
  10. M

    Physical Maps

    Hello All, I am seeking to have a physical map of the location of Air Ports in the US to ensure that I do not fly within an airspace without prior notification. Does anyone know how to obtain the physical maps? Thanks, Makiza
  11. Win307

    How does the Map work on a Tablet

    I am using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with my P4. Had two flights now. On the last flight I noticed the Map was just a green.(might have been the same on first flight) I.E no map shown. It did show the drone direction indicator ok in the map screen. Is that normal ? Its not a phone and does not...
  12. J

    DJI GO doesn't show the aircraft position

    Dear all, Today, I noticed an issue with DJI GO 3.0.1 : the mini map does not show the position of the aircraft anymore. This means the map is just full grey and 100% empty. Even if I've got more than enough sattelites (9 or 10). I've tried with 2 other devices, and it worked well. The phone...
  13. Andrewandron

    Where is the "Flight Path Drawings" button gone to?

    when I first got my P3P back in Jan '16, there was a button to click on the screen of the Go App right between the "land" button and "take off" button that looked like a pen scribbling. When you clicked it, you could draw a flight path or boundary lines or whatever with your finger on the map...
  14. Y

    Max Distance Circle disappeared

    Hi , My " max distance circle" has disappeared off the map mode" . Prior to this it was working ok , if i adjusted my " max distance" in the app the circle would adjust proportionally. if i disabled max distance limitation , the circle would dissapear and visa versa. now its gone and wont come...
  15. A

    Simple Offline / Cached Maps for DJI Phantom and Inspire

    Works exactly like offline Google Maps, yet provides you with 3D map data perfect for flying your drone. Currently Android only, if you want the iOS version you can sign up for the beta here Intelligent Elevation data available everywhere in the US Terrain view and Satellite view available...
  16. Skyler King III

    No map showing on DJI Go and Litchi ? (I'm a newbie)

    Please forgive my ignorance in advance. I am an actual airplane pilot (not by profession) and a disabled war vet. My hobbies included photography. The VA has suggested my exploring drone piloting/photography as a "new" occupation for me as therapy for my PTSD. And I will admit, when I'm...
  17. E

    Blank Map on Android Asus ZenPad 8

    Just got an ASUS ZenPad 8, loaded the app and the map is blank. There's Chinese writing on the lower left corner of the map when in full screen. Have tried everything, google maps is loaded on the tablet and works great, uninstalled & re-installed DJI GO several times. Any ideas? Thanks!
  18. W

    Yellow line on map in DJI GO app

    I was flying my phantom standard this evening using the DJI GO app, and I noticed that on the map where the home point is marked there is a straight yellow line between the home point marked on the map and the drone as it’s flying and the line keeps following the drone. Has that yellow line...
  19. M

    DJI Go zooming map problem (quad off)

    Hello, Time to time I use the sky blue pen tool to draw some zones to fly in Go app. I never have had problems in earlier versions of Go/firmware/iOS (P3P) I have all up-to-date and nowadays I've been having problems. It is impossible to zoom in several times and when I can do...
  20. O

    Video Playback & Map View

    Hi All Forgive me if this has been posted before, I however cannot seem to find a thread on the matter. I am currently using a Phantom 3 professional with the added litchi flight app to conduct autonomous flights over mangrove channels in the middle east. We use the drones to count and...