1. P

    Litchi for two drone at the same time?

    hello, I am a happy user of Litchi app. in order to take pics for a large area, I am planning to have two teams for the project. that means... each team will fly drone at the same time in a different places. can I use the same litchi account for both teams?
  2. NG Phantom

    3.5 miles out and back again with the Phantom 3 Standard

    A personal best range and distance that was achieved a few weeks ago. This was a waypoint mission using Litchi. Farthest waypoint was 3.5 miles or 5.7 km away. Total distance was 7 miles or 11.4 km or 37,400 ft.
  3. NG Phantom

    Crash landing after smooth flight to look at a wind turbine

    Hi all, Filmed this just before last Christmas. A smooth gentle flight (with music) to check out a local wind turbine. Sun very low in the sky but doesn't spoil it too much. My intermittent problems with a jerky gimbal were already happening BEFORE this mission. Enjoy the landing :oops:
  4. V

    Litchi Point of Interest Not Centering Properly

    I am a bit new to droning and using the Litchi app, which I find to be a great tool, and I have a question about Litchi. I have used the Litchi app on a couple of jobs, one a golf course and the other for real estate. I also teach an aviation class at a high school and had my kids use the app to...
  5. S

    Error when importing .csv file to Litchi App

    So I make a set of waypoints using the flylitchi mission hub and exported them as a .csv file. When I import that same file into the litchi app, the coordinates are all over the place and don't line up. How do I fix this?
  6. W

    Litchi 2.6.2 waypoint issues

    I was a beta tester for the Litchi 2.6 with my Mavic 2 Pro. The beta was AMAZING and worked Flawlessly with and without signal. Now I'm not 100% sure if this is a Litchi 2.6.1/2.6.2 issue or IOS 12 issue seeing as they came out at the same time but ever since my litchi app has been doing some...
  7. Sykhawk

    Using app with P4P+

    OK, so I'm massively disappointed after searching here and finding I can't use Litchi with my P4P Plus (the one with the fixed screen included). Disappointed, because I intend to use my drone commercially, and the waypoint function in Litchi is obviously a big advantage. But c'est la vie...
  8. J

    In-Flight Disconnect - Restarting Controller

    Today while flying my Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 on Litchi (doing panos), the aircraft suddenly disconnected mid-flight. Disconnected meaning lost video transmission and transmitter control. I attempted to open DJI GO 4 and saw that there was no connection either (figured). The aircraft hovered in place...
  9. jimlips

    How to focus Mavic lens using Litchi?

    The DJI Go 4 software lets you focus a Mavic Pro by touching the screen. But this does not work in Litchi. How can I force a "focus now" command to my Mavic Pro from Litchi? Normally, it focuses by itself, but I was flying when the sun was going down, and was trying to get the Mavic to focus...
  10. Keith Mitchell

    Problems with DJI Go4 disappear in Litchi

    I fly a P4P and use a 32GB iPad Air (about 3 years old). I'm Part 107 certified but only fly about twice a month. Still, I stay up-to-date with the latest firmware before I fly. Lately, my iPad screen has been turning green on and off while flying, regardless of which frequency I use. This...
  11. M

    Litchi, Google Maps and Crystalsky Ultra

    Is there a way to use Google Maps in Litchi on the Crystalsky Ultra monitor. If so how do you load everything and make it work. I tried it once several months ago and it kept giving my errors referring the google store I believe. Thanks for all the help in advance Don
  12. R

    Bring my drone to exactly the same GPS location once a month.

    Hi all, I want to follow up the construction of a high tower. I want to shoot maybe once a month, every time the drone should be in exactly the same position, the results would look like a timelapse over 2 years. Does anybody have experience with this? Can I do it with waypoints? Can I save...
  13. C

    Is It possible to set a fly path we can launch from anywhere with Litchi ?

    Hi, I would like to save a fly path (something like a custom elipse) that i could start from anywhere, unlike mission which include the mission gps coordinates. is it possible ? Thanks, Cyril
  14. M

    Litchi waypoint altitude transition

    Hi, I have been loving using Litchi with my Phantom 4 Advanced and my missions around the house have been going well. I just took it out on the farm (what I bought it for) and sent it on a hilly mission that I had carefully planned and double checked with Google Earth. It seems it disconnected...
  15. B

    Automated Circle with Perfect 10° Waypoints for Still Photos?

    Hey All. Thank you in advance for all of your experienced info. QUESTION: For still photography, is there a way to create a perfect circle of a specified radius in any app for the Phantom 3 Pro (Litchi Mission Hub, Kittyhawk, etc.) radiating out from a central point of interest, with automatic...
  16. RodPad

    Litchi Hub, No missions

    My missions disappeared today, and I can't save a new one, shows I'm logged in, tried 2 computers 3 browsers, I use the mission hub almost daily, and was working this morning. Monday's :rolleyes:. I haven't tried my tablet yet, I'm afraid to. :eek: Anybody else? Rod
  17. W

    P4P plus

    Hi Pretty new with drone /2 moths. Made the same mistake as some on site because main purpose is geo mapping. Any latest news to go around the problem - p4p+ does not cope with GSP - did not find way to preplan flight grid wit some 100 pics (but manually with Litchi) Has someone found a way...
  18. M

    Litchi mission not starting

    I can't fathom out why my simple Litchi mission just will not start on my P3A and in theory this link lets you look at it: Mission Hub - Litchi I'm not using DJI GO and so power up the drone using Litchi. I have tried manually getting the drone to waypoint 1 which is probably about 100 feet...
  19. C

    P4P V2 - Litchi Trouble

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with the Litchi app on my Phantom 4 Pro V2, I recently purchased the app but it will not connect at all, it always shows up as disconnected and once I got a image on screen of what the camera could see but when moving the camera it stayed disconnected and the...
  20. Avocet

    Litchi says its New Tablet Time

    I've been having some issues with my Nexus 7 2013 2nd Gen lately. I use Litchi very very often, but some strange things have been happening. AirData will no longer sync unless I do an app "Clear Data". If I try to manually sync, Litchi malfunctions (flight modes cease working, can't switch to...