Planning repeated photo session

Oct 9, 2013
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I'm planning to take some photos of a place and repeat them time to time.
Each photo has a lot of metadata info: Latitude, Longitude, Relative altitude, Gimbal yaw degree, Gimbal Pitch degree.
Theoretically I have all the variables needed to repeat the mission departing the drone from the same point (because the relative altitude)
Litchi allows me to set Latitude, Longitude and Relative altitude. Also Heading=Gimbal yaw degree.
For the angle of the camera respect from the horizon, the Gimbal Pitch degree it is not that easy. I have to create Point of Interest POI-1 anywhere and change its position or altitude until Gimbal Pitch (set as Focus POI) angle matches that I got from previous metadata. This form field only shows the angle, it is not possible to directly change the angle.
Then I have to add a Action -> take a photo
Then go to the next point.

First question is if this procedure would be the best to achieve what I'm planning.

Second question is: I don't care about the path itself but the waypoints. It is possible I find new obstacles so I have to pause the mission manually avoid them and resume it to go to the next WP. Is it possible to act this way?

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