landing gear

  1. J

    Phantom 4 landing gear stress cracks. SOLUTION!!!!!

    Hi recently I bought a phantom 4 pro that had all but one of those caps that cover the landing gears on it. So I bought some on eBay and put it in. After a while I noticed that all the legs had cracked except for the one I had put the cap in. I did not know what this was so I just sent it back...
  2. S

    need help locating compass wire for phantom 4

    Hi all. I crashed my phantom 4 into a tree. the landing gear broke and one wire that attaches to the compass has broke and requires replacing. I've obtained a replacement set of kegs but can not get the wire anywhere. anybody know where I can order one? it's the wire that clips on to the end...
  3. J

    P4 Video Problem ( NTSC/30fps)

    I experienced considerable difficulty with video yesterday flying in 15mph wind, with recording frequently stopping ( after as little as 5 seconds) with camera then pointing at landing gear. This started with image break up on my iPad and is shortly followed by the camera turning off. From...
  4. Clench M'cheeks

    Pontoons/Floats Phantom Water Landing Gear

    i recently ran across these while investigating a set of r/c airplane pontoons to affix to my phantom... Anybody have anything like on their craft? Or know anybody? The thought of water anywhere near my drone makes me nervous, but if you're flying over water it seems like a great safety device...
  5. D

    Recently crashed

    I recently lost control of my P4P and it went into a tree, luckily it was a tree with lots of leaves. It spun around and then dropped slowly and i caught it.... Battery popped out, a prop broke and the little plastic covers near the landing gear are gone on 2 legs. I powered it up after and...
  6. P

    Stupid move

    Setting up a drone for scouting fish in the ocean, I made the stupid move of drilling holes through the landing gears to mount a longer landing gear and floats. Drilled right through the compass wires, although the antenna was not damaged. I am having trouble finding a parts list and getting...
  7. S

    Landing gear retracts for p3s

    Is there any way to modifi retractable landing gear to fit phantom 3 standard?
  8. Coleza

    Adventure: Combined Gimbal Guard and All-Terrain Landing Gear

    Carrying around a landing pad can get cumbersome, especially while backcountry hiking in Myanmar or just packing light on your flight to Lake Garda. And a busted camera from a wonky landing in the rocks will just make your whole kit a backpack of useless luggage for the rest of the trip. Those...
  9. Wrmeyers

    Broken landing gear/compass

    Recently took a spill with my P4Pro and did some damage to the landing gear and compass. Does anyone know where to buy these parts? I can't seem to find the package anywhere.. maybe DJI hasn't realized it to the public or service shops? Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. S

    My First Crash - Pilot Error. But I have a question or two. . .

    I was attempting to fly slowly through a 6' wide opening beneath a pergola covering our back patio. I had turned off visual navigation and had it in Atti mode. I thought I knew what I was doing. But of course, I didn't. I was only about 3 feet off of the ground and as I started to steer...
  11. P

    Shell replacement....but where are the feet?

    I just replaced my Phantom 3 Pro shell and for the most part, everything went very well. I ordered the replacement shell from Amazon and it included the landing gear, but the landing gear did not include the black feet. I have tried to remove the old ones from the original landing gear, but...
  12. SoCalDude

    Angle of View for Collision Avoidance

    Let's say I want to fly just barely over the top of something with my P4. As I approach it, I misjudge the clearance and my landing gear is about to hit the top of the object—will the collision avoidance engage and stop the aircraft? In other words, does the field of view or angle of view of...
  13. Adam Morrison

    Big Sale on WaterStrider with Free US Shipping

    Since it is the season for big sales, we have decided to run a big sale as well! We've discounted the price nearly 30% to $99 for the model with all white pods and $119 for the high visibility model with red pods on the front. On top of that, we are offering free shipping in the United States...
  14. Fishie

    SKYREAT Landing Gear Stabilizers Review for the Dji Phantom 4

    Amazon - [[ASIN:B01HM8UAKM SKYREAT Landing Gear Stabilizers for Dji Phantom 4 Quadcopter]] (I am having trouble uploading images for some reason but they can be found on Amazon's website under the review for this product.)...
  15. D

    Phantom2 with Phantom3 landing gear

    Hi, Would the P3 landing gear fit on the P2 ? I ask because the P3 has a little more height. Thanks
  16. F

    Travelling; Help on removing the landing gear for easier transport?

    Hi, I recently bought a Phantom 3 Standard. Have been enjoying it but have found it kind of bulky. So far I've been putting it in a duffelbag and taking it with me on hikes. In a couple of week's i'll be getting on a plane for Italy and am wondering if it is possible to easily remove the...
  17. AngelPilot4u

    What is insde the bodyshell replacement part No27

    Whats is missing and need to look for after a crash. What inside gthe new bodyshell Phantom 4, Sparepart N27, ada apa di dalam box bodyshell Phantom 4 | Jogjasky
  18. Adam Morrison

    WaterStrider—Make Confident Takeoffs & Landings Anywhere

    Greetings to the Phantom Pilots community! My name is Adam Morrison, and I'm one of the co-founders of DroneRafts LLC. I wanted to introduce you all to our new and exciting product called WaterStrider. Since the early fall of last year, our team has been totally dedicated to developing and...
  19. H

    Remount CanBus Port

    Hi, I have the Phantom 2 with the GoPro attached and the CanBus port on the drone shows up in the footage when I spin the drone too fast to the right, since the port is attached to the front left leg of the landing gear. Is it possible to remount the port to the back leg of the landing gear...
  20. OrderFromChaos

    Retractable Landing Gear on the Standard

    Hello All, I was searching around for aluminum landing gear today when I saw this on Amazon. I looked around the forums. There are lots of discussions about the Advanced and Pro but I didn't see many in the standard. Has anyone tried this mod on their Standard? Thanks.